Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Pastor Leticia Nyambo Biography | Profile, Ministry, ZAOGA, Husband

Pastor Leticia Nyambo Biography | Profile, Ministry, ZAOGA, Husband

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Pastor Leticia Nyambo is a Zimbabwean pastor known for her significant contributions to the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa Forward in Faith Ministries International (ZAOGA FIF). Her life and ministry exemplify a deep love for God, a passion for prayer, and a commitment to serving others. Her unwavering faith and profound impact have made her a respected figure in the global Christian community, leaving a lasting legacy of hope and transformation.

Pastor Letty is a devoted wife to Apostle Mishael Nyambo (Secretary General of ZAOGA FIF), and they have shared a profound partnership in ministry. Together, they have raised a loving family and have been pillars of strength and support to one another.

Missionary Work

Pastor Letty and her husband answered the call to become missionaries, dedicating their lives to spreading the Gospel and serving in various countries around the world. They embarked on missions to countries such as South Africa and the United Kingdom, where they established churches and nurtured vibrant communities of believers.

Power of Prayer

One of Pastor Letty’s defining characteristics is her unwavering belief in the power of prayer. She firmly holds the conviction that through faith and prayer, all things are possible. Throughout her ministry, she has witnessed numerous testimonies of healing, deliverance, and restoration as a result of fervent prayer.

Author and Speaker

Beyond her pastoral responsibilities, Pastor Letty is also recognized as an accomplished author and sought-after speaker. She has penned several books on topics such as faith, prayer, and personal growth, inspiring readers around the world. Additionally, she is frequently invited to speak at conferences, seminars, and retreats, where her impactful messages resonate with audiences of all ages.

Legacy and Impact

Pastor Letty’s unwavering faith, dedication to prayer, and commitment to ministry have had a profound impact on countless lives. Her teachings and sermons have sparked spiritual growth and transformation in individuals and communities. She continues to inspire and empower believers to live authentically and passionately pursue their God-given calling.


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