Zimbabwe Profiles Local,News Police Robbed: Daring Robbers Disarm Cops At Roadblock and Flee with Uniforms and Phones

Police Robbed: Daring Robbers Disarm Cops At Roadblock and Flee with Uniforms and Phones

Police Robbed: Daring Robbers Disarm Cops At Roadblock and Flee with Uniforms and Phones post thumbnail image

Brazen Daylight Heist: Armed Thugs Strip Zimbabwean Police Officers of Uniforms at Roadblock


In a daring daylight heist near Muchakata, Zimbabwe, four armed men targeted and robbed police officers manning a roadblock, leaving the law enforcers disarmed and stripped of their uniforms.

The incident occurred at approximately 3:30 pm on Thursdat, unfolding a shocking chapter in the daily lives of those tasked with ensuring public safety.

Ambushed at Muchakata Roadblock:

In a brazen act of audacity, the four assailants, armed with three pistols, targeted the police officers on duty.

According to The Masvingo Mirror the perpetrators managed to disarm the officers and proceeded to strip them of their official gear.

The loot included a grey police shirt, anti-riot trousers, a pair of shoes, and a police cap.

The audacious thieves even snatched two cell phones from the officers before making a swift escape in a Honda Fit.


Security Measures Under Scrutiny:

The incident raises questions about the security measures in place and the vulnerability of police officers during their duties.

Concerns have been voiced about the audacity of criminals targeting police officers directly, especially at a roadblock where the presence of law enforcement is typically heightened.

Community Reaction:

Zimbabweans  have expressed shock and concern over the incident of the police officers getting robbed at a roadblock.

A local resident remarked, “It’s terrifying to think that armed criminals can openly target police officers like this. It raises questions about the safety of our community and the effectiveness of law enforcement measures in place.”

Below are some of the reactions from Zimbabweans on social media:



Leonard Koni

“The number of armed robberies in the country is now increasing to bizarre levels. Has the police lost control of these gun totting thugs. If they gan rob police officers what about ordinary people?”


MacMillan X

“Very unfortunate. Being a police officer in Zimbabwe is already a low profile job and looked down upon, why would one further demean them this way?”


Sabhuku Dema:

“At times police mann roadblocks for robbing motorists only without thinking of their safety. many times you would find only 3 police officers manning a roadblock without a pen, book, gun, police vehicle. Only their pockets to put money.”

Fidelis Zengeza Zvomuya

“The perplexing conundrum surfaces: how within the precincts of a meticulously orchestrated roadblock can law enforcement officers fall victim to the audacious act of robbery, complete with disrobing and the brazen confiscation of their firearms?”




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