Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Ray Vines Biography: Profile, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Education, Controversies, Comments on Albinism

Ray Vines Biography: Profile, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Education, Controversies, Comments on Albinism

Ray Vines Biography: Profile, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Education, Controversies, Comments on Albinism post thumbnail image

Ray Vines Biography & Profile

Ray Vines is a Zimbabwean musician, comedian and online content creator known for his humorous vines and controversial remarks.  He gained popularity through his unique approach to comedy, blending social commentary with satire. However, his career has been marked by controversies, including insensitive comments on albinism  and public spats with other artists.  This biography provides a detailed overview of Ray Vines’ career, controversies and personal life.

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Real Name

Ray Vine’s real name is Melusi Chiripowako.

Age and Date of Birth

Ray Vines, was Born on April 8, 2000, in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.  This means that he is 23 years old as of 2023.

Early Life & Education

Ray Vines attended Tafadzwa Primary School in Chitungwiza and later continued his education at Seke 1 High for his Secondary and Advanced level studies. Currently pursuing a BSc Honours Degree in Computer Science at Midlands State University, Ray Vines has showcased versatility by combining his academic pursuits with his creative endeavours.

How He Got Into Comedy

In April 2018, at the age of 18, Ray Vines embarked on his comedic journey by creating short videos, commonly referred to as vines. Drawing inspiration from the American platform, Ray Vines introduced this concept to Zimbabwe, addressing socio-economic and political issues in a humorous manner. His comedic style gained traction on social media, earning him a significant following.


Ray Vines gained significant attention after claiming to be the first artist in Zimbabwe to set up a boxing ring at the Harare International Conference Center (HICC). This assertion led to a public dispute with Zimdancehall musician Winky D, where Ray Vines accused him of copying the idea. These controversies, coupled with his outspoken nature, have kept him in the spotlight.


Mocking Solomon Harudzibwi’s Albinism:

Ray Vines faced significant backlash for his derogatory comments about Solomon Harudzibwi’s albinism, sparking outrage and discussions about the responsibility of public figures in promoting inclusivity and respect. The incident unfolded during a heated online debate regarding the music of popular Zimbabwean artist Winky D, where Vines, known for his sometimes controversial remarks, took the conversation to an offensive level.

The Heated Exchange:

During the exchange, Vines mocked Harudzibwi’s albinism, making insensitive remarks that perpetuated harmful stereotypes about individuals with albinism. The comment, “Ndosaka uchishisha ukarohwa nezuva” (that’s why sunburn causes you skin damage), not only lacked humor but also showcased a complete disregard for the dignity and sensitivity required when discussing topics related to physical appearance or medical conditions.

Public Outcry:

The incident triggered a wave of public outcry, with many social media users, fans, and advocacy groups condemning Ray Vines for his insensitivity and demanding accountability. The controversy fueled discussions about the responsibility of influencers and comedians to use their platforms responsibly, avoiding the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes or discrimination against any group of people.

Ray Vines’ Response:

In the aftermath of the controversy, Ray Vines faced pressure to apologize and rectify the situation. However, his  responses was perceived by many as dismissive, further exacerbating the situation. The lack of a sincere apology and a failure to acknowledge the gravity of the issue intensified the criticism against him.

Impact on Ray Vines’ Reputation:

The mocking of Solomon Harudzibwi’s albinism significantly impacted Ray Vines’ reputation, leading to a decline in public support and endorsement deals. The incident raised questions about the potential consequences that influencers may face when crossing ethical boundaries and highlighted the importance of accountability in the digital age.


Ray Vines Biography: Profile, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Education, Controversies, Comments on Albinism

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Mocking Mugabe’s Son

In January 2021, Ray Vines issued an apology after mocking the late Robert Mugabe’s son, Chatunga, in a video clip. The comedian expressed regret, stating that it was not his intention to harm the Mugabe family legacy.

Negative Remarks on Holy Ten

In February 2021, Ray Vines criticized Holy Ten’s song “Appetite,” questioning the artistic choices and urging the director to “save the hip hop culture.” This led to social media backlash, raising debates on artist-to-artist etiquette.

Estimated Earnings & Net Worth

While specific financial details are not publicly disclosed, Ray Vines has explored avenues to commercialize his brand. As managed by HashTagZimbabwe, he has ventured into selling merchandise under the ‘Mukukuzvi’ brand, promising fans more content and initiatives in the future.



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