Zimbabwe Profiles Guides,Places Redcliff: A Detailed Profile of a Zimbabwean Town

Redcliff: A Detailed Profile of a Zimbabwean Town

Redcliff: A Detailed Profile of a Zimbabwean Town post thumbnail image

Redcliff: A Detailed Profile of a Zimbabwean Town

Redcliff is a town in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe, nestled 219 kilometers northeast of Bulawayo. With a population of 41,526 as of 2022, it stands as an important industrial center, particularly for steelmaking, but also boasts a rich history, diverse culture, and a range of attractions for visitors.

History of Redcliff

The establishment of Redcliff dates back to 1942, when the Rhodesia Iron and Steel Company (RISCo), later renamed Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company (ZISCO), was founded. The company’s steelmaking operations propelled Redcliff’s growth, transforming it into a prominent industrial hub in the region.

The Weather in Redcliff

The district’s yearly temperature is 24.49ºC (76.08ºF) and it is 1.76% higher than Zimbabwe’s averages. Redcliff typically receives about 84.7 millimeters (3.33 inches) of precipitation and has 94.03 rainy days (25.76% of the time) annually.

Location and GPS Coordinates of Redcliff

Redcliff is positioned at an altitude of approximately 1,300 meters above sea level, along the southern margin of the Great Dyke, a geological formation rich in iron ore deposits. The town’s GPS coordinates are 19° 02′ S, 29° 47′ E.

Size and Population of Redcliff

Redcliff’s population has steadily increased over the years, reflecting its industrial and economic significance. In 2012, the town’s population was estimated at 36,000, but by 2022, it had grown to 41,526.

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Distance from Harare City Centre to Redcliff

The distance between Harare City Center and Redcliff is approximately 233 kilometers. The drive takes approximately 3.5 hours by road.

Distance from Redcliff to Mutare

The distance between Redcliff and Mutare is approximately 304 kilometers. The drive takes approximately 5 hours by road.

Redcliff Town Council Contact Details

Physical Adress: Civic Centre Sally Mugabe Way Box 100.

Tel: 263-5525-68787 / 263-5525-68057

Email Adress: admin@redcliffmunicipality.org.zw

Schools In Redcliff

  • Redcliff Junior School
  • Maffihdi Mnangagwa Primary School
  • Rutendo High School
  • Rutendo Primary School

Lodges In Redcliff

  • BayLeaf Garden Lodge
  • Hotel Redcliff
  • C60 Torwood Redcliff Kwekwe

Colleges and Universities in or near Redcliff

  • Kwekwe Polytechnic
  • Gweru Teachers College
  • Midlands State University
  • Chinhoyi University


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