Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Sandra Ndebele Biography| Age, Career, Politics, Controversies 

Sandra Ndebele Biography| Age, Career, Politics, Controversies 

Sandra Ndebele Biography| Age, Career, Politics, Controversies  post thumbnail image

Sandra Ndebele Biography| Age, Career, Politics, Controversies 

Sandra Ndebele, hailing from Zimbabwe, is a multi-talented artist who excels in the realms of music, dance, and acting.

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Sandra Ndebele was born on 3 January 1982. As of 2023, she would be 41 years old.


During her school days, Ndebele embarked on her journey in the performing arts and eventually became a member of the renowned group IYASA, granting her the opportunity to tour the globe. In 2003, she ventured into her solo career and unveiled a remarkable 10-track album.

Her exceptional talent led her to share stages with esteemed artists such as Oliver Mtukudzi and Alick Macheso, captivating audiences at numerous events.

It was in the same year, 2003, that she achieved significant recognition by winning three prestigious awards at the Zimbabwe Music Awards.

With her electrifying and energetic dance routines, Ndebele garnered widespread popularity, captivating the hearts of many. However, her provocative and suggestive dance moves sparked concerns among certain individuals. Notwithstanding the controversy, her singles “Malaika” and “Mama” became beloved hits among fans.

Continuing her musical journey, she has since released numerous other songs and albums, showcasing her artistic versatility. In 2019, Ndebele decided to undergo a rebranding process, actively seeking new dancers to join her group as she geared up for the creation of a fresh album.

Throughout her career, Ndebele has engaged in collaborations with a diverse array of musicians. Notably, she teamed up with Jah Prayzah to create a captivating love song titled “Mushona neMuNdevere”.

Additionally, she has joined forces with esteemed artists such as Ammara Brown, Sulumani Chimbetu, and Somandla Ndebele, enriching her musical repertoire with their unique contributions.

In recent news, it has been reported that Ndebele will showcase her acting skills in an upcoming Netflix film titled “The Bad Bishop,” set to be filmed in South Africa


Political Ambitions

Sandra Ndebele’s decision to join the political party Zanu-PF and contest in the upcoming primary elections for the ruling party sparked controversy on social media.

Some social media users criticized her for venturing into politics, expressing doubts about her ability to be a councillor or MP.

Sexually Provocative Dance Moves

Sandra Ndebele’s career has been marked by controversies surrounding her sexually provocative dance moves and skimpy outfits.

While she gained popularity with her high-energy dance routines, some people raised concerns about the explicit nature of her dances, deeming them sexually suggestive.

Ndebele, on the other hand, claimed that her performances were a way of preserving culture and that she was very cultured despite public opinion.

Allegations of Being Involved in the Pornographic Industry

Some individuals have accused Sandra Ndebele of being involved in the pornographic industry due to the explicit nature of her pictures and dance moves. However, she has denied these allegations


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