Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Sithokozile Thabethe Chamisa Biography| Nelson Chamisa’s Wife, Age, Education, Career, Controversies

Sithokozile Thabethe Chamisa Biography| Nelson Chamisa’s Wife, Age, Education, Career, Controversies

Sithokozile Thabethe Chamisa Biography| Nelson Chamisa’s Wife, Age, Education, Career, Controversies post thumbnail image

Sithokozile Thabethe Chamisa, also known as Mai Chamisa, is a Zimbabwean lawyer and public figure, widely recognized as the wife of Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the Zimbabwe opposition CCC party.

Despite maintaining a low profile, she gained public attention during the election campaign period.

This comprehensive biography delves into various aspects of her life, including her early years, education, career, personal life, controversies, and more.

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Real /Full Name

Sithokozile Sidhile Thabethe Chamisa

Age & Date of Birth

Born on February 28, 1978, Sithokozile Chamisa is  46 years of age as of 2024.


Sithokozile Thabethe Chamisa Biography| Nelson Chamisa's Wife, Age, Education, Career, Controversies

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Early Life & Education

Sithokozile Thabethe Chamisa hails from Chipinge in Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe. Contrary to popular belief, she is not Ndebele but belongs to the Ndau tribe.

Her early life details remain largely undisclosed, and she maintains a private stance.

She pursued her education in law, graduating from the University of Zimbabwe in 2002.

Personal Life

Sithokozile met Nelson Chamisa at a birthday dinner for the late former MDC spokesperson Learnmore Jongwe’s wife, Rutendo, in 2000.

Despite initial disinterest, Chamisa courted her for six months before she accepted his advances. The couple shares a child, Ashley Chamisa.

Known for her reserved nature, Sithokozile is notably private and does not actively participate in her husband’s political activities.

She works as a lawyer, reportedly for a non-governmental organization (NGO), maintaining a certain distance from the political limelight.

Buffeted by crosswinds from state sabotage, Chamisa launches new party

Sithokozile Thabethe Chamisa Biography[Image Credit: X/Twitter – Nelson Chamisa


Legal Education and Early Career

Sithokozile Thabethe Chamisa embarked on her legal journey by enrolling at the University of Zimbabwe, where she pursued a law degree.

Graduating in 2002, she exhibited dedication and academic prowess during her time at the university.

Post-graduation, Sithokozile delved into the legal field, gaining practical experience and honing her skills.

While specific details of her early career remain undisclosed, her legal background suggests a commitment to upholding justice and advocating for legal principles.

NGO Involvement

Sithokozile’s professional path led her to work for a non-governmental organization (NGO). The exact nature and focus of the NGO, as well as her role within the organization, have not been extensively publicized. However, her association with an NGO indicates a dedication to causes beyond traditional legal practice, possibly involving humanitarian efforts or social justice initiatives.

Maintaining Distance from Politics

Despite being married to the prominent politician Nelson Chamisa, Sithokozile intentionally maintains a certain distance from the political arena.

Her decision to work for an NGO rather than engage directly in mainstream politics underscores her commitment to a more reserved and private role.

This deliberate separation allows her to contribute to societal issues while avoiding the full glare of the political spotlight.

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Sithokozile Thabethe Chamisa Biography| Nelson Chamisa's Wife, Age, Education, Career, Controversies

Sithokozile Thabethe Chamisa Biography [Image Credit: X/Twitter – @Zimlive]


Microphone Incident at MDC Alliance’s 20th Anniversary (September 2019)

A controversial incident occurred during the MDC Alliance’s 20th-anniversary celebrations when a video surfaced showing Nelson Chamisa abruptly grabbing the microphone from Sithokozile while she was delivering a speech.

The incident took place in full public view, leading to widespread criticism of Chamisa’s actions.

Some social media users and observers criticized Chamisa’s conduct, citing it as disrespectful towards his wife.

The incident sparked discussions about power dynamics within the political sphere and raised questions about the treatment of women in politics.

Women’s Coalition Critique (October 2019)

In October 2019, Sithokozile Chamisa addressed the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe, expressing her dissatisfaction with their handling of a particular incident involving her husband, Nelson Chamisa.

In a detailed letter, she questioned the organization’s consistency and sincerity in supporting women’s rights.

Sithokozile alleged that the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe had acted without seeking her perspective on the matter.

She contended that their focus on a specific incident while remaining silent on other instances of abuse and attacks, exposed what she perceived as hypocrisy within the organization.

This critique raised questions about the organization’s approach to supporting women in various contexts.


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