Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Sulumani Chimbetu Biography|Age, Education, Personal Life, Career 

Sulumani Chimbetu Biography|Age, Education, Personal Life, Career 

Sulumani Chimbetu Biography|Age, Education, Personal Life, Career  post thumbnail image

Sulumani Chimbetu Biography|Age, Education, Music And Acting Career 

Sulumani Chimbetu, a Zimbabwean artist, is renowned for his talent as a Dendera Music vocalist, guitarist, composer, stage performer, and successful businessman.

He holds the role of the lead vocalist for the esteemed Orchestra Dendera Kings and is the son of the late Simon Chimbetu, a legendary figure in the world of Dendera music.


Sulumani was born in Chegutu on 27 May 1982.


Sulumani Chimbetu received his education at various institutions, including Nyahuni Mission School and Ellis Robbins School.

He further pursued his studies at the Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA) from 1999 to 2001. From 2003 to 2006, he served in the Airforce of Zimbabwe.

Music Career

Chimbetu’s rise to prominence began in 2004 when he joined The Orchestra Dendera Kings, a move that brought him national recognition.

During this time, he had the opportunity to work alongside his father, Simon Chimbetu, and under the guidance of his uncle, Allan Chimbetu.

Despite the demands of his full-time job at the Airforce of Zimbabwe, Sulumani managed to balance his burgeoning music career with his military duties.

However, after the unfortunate passing of his father in 2005, Sulumani made the decision to leave the Airforce of Zimbabwe behind and redirect his full focus and energy towards his flourishing music career.

In 2007, he embarked on a thriving solo career by releasing his debut album titled “Ndomusiya Nani”.

Subsequently, he released two more albums, namely “Reverse Deal” in 2009 and “Non Stop” in 2010. These albums not only showcased his individual talent but also fostered a vibrant collaborative atmosphere, as he worked closely with numerous artists during this period.

During this time, he forged a robust collaborative culture with several notable artists such as Oliver Mtukudzi, Shinsoman, and Jah Prayzah.

Notably, he also took to the stage for an extensive tour, both within his home country and internationally, showcasing his talents and supporting his music.

However, the pinnacle of his career arrived with the release of his fourth album, titled “Syllabus.”

One of the standout tracks from the album was “Sean Timba,” a collaboration with the talented Jah Prayzah. This particular song resonated with listeners and became a chart-topping hit.

Acting career

In August 2012, Sulumani ventured into the world of acting by making his debut in Season 2 of a popular local comedy series called “Bag Rabvaruka.” He shared the screen with Sungura artist Peter Moyo.

In the series, Sulumani portrayed the character of a town boy who finds himself in a romantic pursuit of a girl who is also the target of many other suitors. He described the experience as “great fun,” relishing the opportunity to delve into the realm of professional acting for the first time.

Business Ventures

On December 25, 2013, Sulumani made a notable business move by establishing his very own bar in Chegutu, which he named “Batai Munhu Sports Bar”.

The establishment was a transformation of a previously known venue called “Chegutu Arms,” as Sulumani took charge of renovating and rebranding the space.


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