Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Tanto Wavie Biography| Real Name, Age, Music Career, Discography, Marriage, Abuse Allegations

Tanto Wavie Biography| Real Name, Age, Music Career, Discography, Marriage, Abuse Allegations

Tanto Wavie Biography| Real Name, Age, Music Career, Discography, Marriage, Abuse Allegations post thumbnail image

Tanto Wavie Biography| Real Name, Age, Music Career, Discography, Marriage, Abuse Allegations

Tanto Wavie is a multi-talented Zimbabwean TrapSu musician who hails from Chitungizwa. He has not only redefined the music landscape with his innovative fusion of Trap and Sungura elements but also emerged as the pioneering force behind the captivating TrapSu genre.

From his early days as a Zimdancehall musician to his trailblazing journey in the TrapSu movement, Tanto’s talent as a songwriter, performing artist, rapper, and producer has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts.

Real Name

Shingirai Makaza

Date of Birth
19 September 1997

Tanto Wavie Music Career

Tanto Wavie (Image Credit:Facebook/ Tanto Wavie)

Music Career

Tanto Wavie’s musical career began in 2010 when he was still in school. Starting as a Zimdancehall musician, he quickly ventured into producing various genres such as Afropop, Dancehall, and Hip Hop. As time went on, his love for Trap and Sungura music grew, eventually leading to the creation of his own unique genre and movement called “TrapSu” – a fusion of Trap and Sungura.

Tanto’s passion for Trap and Sungura music inspired him to blend the two genres, giving birth to the TrapSu movement. He believed that the combination of Trap and Sungura elements would create a digestible and enjoyable sound for his audience.

His musical journey gained significant momentum as he won the hearts of many Zimbabwean music fans through his TrapSu style.

The genre gained popularity due to its novelty and the skillful way in which Tanto Wavie blended Hip Hop and Sungura elements, creating a fresh and distinct sound.

Throughout his career, Tanto Wavie served as a multi-talented artist, working as a songwriter, performing artist, rapper, and producer. His versatility allowed him to craft his TrapSu sound with finesse, drawing from his background in different musical genres.

One of the notable highlights of Tanto’s career was the release of his latest album titled “Sungura Museve.” This album represented a significant evolution in his music, as it was densely TrapSu-focused compared to his previous projects, where he incorporated TrapSu with other genres like AfroPop to attract a broader audience. With “Sungura Museve,” Tanto Wavie took a daring step by delivering a solid 14-track TrapSungura project, fully embracing his signature sound. The album’s online reception and feedback were overwhelmingly positive, affirming the success of his bold move.

As he continued to grow as an artist, Tanto Wavie expressed his aspirations to collaborate with esteemed figures in the music industry. Among them were Zimbabwean Sungura legend Alick Macheso and American trapper Travis Scott. These desires showed his ambition to further expand the reach and influence of TrapSu on both local and international stages.

Tanto Wavie’s journey in the music industry was characterized by a burning passion for the arts, starting with his early days as a dance-hall chanter. His transition into Hip Hop and subsequent discovery of Trap and Sungura music paved the way for the creation of TrapSu, setting him on a path to fame and recognition as a trailblazer in the Zimbabwean music scene.

Tanto Wavie has released albums, singles, and visuals, and he is also working on a documentary to document the journey of the TrapSu movement.


Sungura Museve 



Wavie 2

Rudo Ibofu EP


Tanto Wavie is married to Stacey Macheso, who is the daughter of Alick Macheso.

Tanto Wavie biography

Tanto Wavie with his wife Stacey (Image Credit: Facebook /Tanto Wavie)

Both Tanto Wavie and Stacey Macheso are musicians themselves and have released a song together titled ‘Unoona.’

In February, they reportedly welcomed their first baby together.

Abuse Allegations

Tanto Wavie recently refuted allegations of mistreating his wife, Stacey Macheso, following a series of enigmatic posts on her Instagram stories. These posts prompted discussions among fans and followers, as Stacey bravely shed light on the challenges and difficulties that women often face in their lives.

Her candid revelations also led to concerns and speculations about possible abuse within their relationship. Stacey spoke about the hardships of being a woman, recounting experiences of physical and verbal abuse while feeling compelled to endure such treatment.

In response to these allegations, Tanto Wavie addressed the rumours, urging people not to accept everything they encounter on social media at face value. He firmly denied the accusations, describing them as entirely false and without any foundation.

Not everything you see on social media is true or relatable to us, these allegations are completely false and baseless,” Tanto Wavie stated.

The musician emphasized that their bond as a couple is built on love, respect, and trust, affirming his unwavering support for his wife.

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