Zimbabwe Profiles People Terry Maphosa Biography: Early Life | Education | Agriculture Career | KwaTerry Restaurant | Impact

Terry Maphosa Biography: Early Life | Education | Agriculture Career | KwaTerry Restaurant | Impact

Terry Maphosa Biography: Early Life | Education | Agriculture Career | KwaTerry Restaurant | Impact post thumbnail image

This is the biography of Terry Maphosa, a notable young entrepreneur and farmer from Zimbabwe. He is the founder of KwaTerry Chickens and has made significant strides in rural development and sustainable agriculture.


Early Life and Education

Terrence Maphosa was born and raised in the rural areas of Mhondoro in Zimbabwe. He pursued higher education at the University of Zimbabwe, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science. His early life in the countryside instilled in him a deep connection with his roots and an understanding of rural life.


Terry Maphosa Transition to Agriculture

Maphosa’s journey into farming began after he struggled to find a job despite holding a political science degree from the University of Zimbabwe. This frustration led him to return to his rural roots and start a poultry farming business specializing in “roadrunner” chickens, a breed known for its hardiness and quality meat. He founded KwaTerry Chickens. His enterprise focuses on breeding and selling indigenous chicken breeds, known as roadrunners, from his rural home in Mhondoro-Ngezi, approximately 170km from Harare. He would also sell roadrunner eggs and green-leaf vegetables.

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Terry Maphosa Biography

Terry Maphosa Biography [Image: @terrymap1/X]


Terry Maphosa Embracing Social Media and Innovation

Recognising the power of social media, Terry utilised these platforms to market his products and grow his customer base. His innovative approach to agripreneurship has made him a part of a new generation of entrepreneurs revitalizing the agriculture sector in Zimbabwe.

He gained a huge following for proudly embodying and promoting the rural lifestyle. Terry posts pictures of the typical rural life. He shares pictures of himself fishing, building chicken runs, chowing African dishes and even clearing land for farming.

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KwaTery: A Rural Tourism Hub

Terry had a dream to start a restaurant serving African dishes. He opened KwaTerry in 2022. This establishment is a popular gathering place, offering a taste of local cuisine and a sense of community. It’s part of his broader vision to unite people through his entrepreneurial ventures, which include agriculture and tourism.


Terry Maphosa Biography

Terry Maphosa Biography [Image: @terrymap1/X]


The vision for his brand, KwaTerry, includes transforming it into a rural tourist attraction. Plans are underway to develop lodges and swimming pools, making it a destination for short vacations. The proximity of KwaTerry Restaurant to Harare, coupled with its ample parking space and relaxing gazebo, positions it well as a future rural tourism hub. The place has hosted people like Feli Nandi, Maskiri, Marvelous Nakamba and football clubs like Caps United and Dynamos.


Terry Maphosa: Impact and Vision

The entrepreneur also runs “All Kids to School”, a campaign in which he pays tuition fees and supplies for disadvantaged youth in his rural village.

Terry’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. He was invited to speak at the UN World Food Programme, highlighting his impact on sustainable agriculture and rural development. Through his work, Terry has also been a vocal advocate for grassroots solutions to local challenges, emphasising the importance of self-reliance and community empowerment over traditional aid models. His success and innovative approach have inspired many young people in Zimbabwe and beyond, demonstrating the potential of agriculture as a viable and rewarding profession​



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