Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Tinashe Mutarisi Biography | Age, Early Life, Education, Business Career, Wife, Children and Philanthropy

Tinashe Mutarisi Biography | Age, Early Life, Education, Business Career, Wife, Children and Philanthropy

Tinashe Mutarisi Biography | Age, Early Life, Education, Business Career, Wife, Children and Philanthropy post thumbnail image

Tinashe Mutarisi is a Zimbabwean serial businessman. He is the founder and Chairman of Nash Paints. Nash Paints is a big company in Zimbabwe that makes and sells paint.

It is a part of NASH Holdings. Tinashe Mutarisi was named one of the most important entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe under the age of 40 by Ngoda Business.

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Age and Early Life

Tinashe Mutarisi-Image Source(Facebook)

Tinashe Mutarisi-Image Source(Facebook)

Tinashe Mutarisi was born at Mount St Marys’ in Wedza, Zimbabwe. The businessman was born on the 22nd of April. He has kept the year he was born a mystery and has yet to reveal his age to the public.

Tinashe Mutarisi faced challenges in his childhood as he lost his parents when he was young. He received support from his siblings, who even made bricks to help him complete his secondary education.

Tinashe Mutarisi’s family was polygamous. His father had three wives and a total of 27 children.

He grew up in Inyati Mine and went to Inyati Mine Primary School. Later, he went to Mavhudzi Secondary School for his high school education.


Tinashe Mutarisi went to Inyati Mine Primary School for his primary education. For his high school education, he attended Mavhudzi Secondary School.

After completing high school, he went to the Chinhoyi University of Technology to pursue his degree. Tinashe Mutarisi has an MBA from Marjon University in the UK.

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Business Career

After finishing school, Tinashe Mutarisi worked at a retail shop in Chivhu. Later, he went to Botswana and saw opportunities in the local paint industry.

Tinashe Mutarisi at Nash Paints-Image Source(Facebook)

Tinashe Mutarisi at Nash Paints-Image Source(Facebook)

In 2006, Tinashe Mutarisi started Nash Paints with three employees at Chikwanha Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Nash Paints grew to 36 branches across Zimbabwe with more than 500 employees.

Tinashe Mutarisi founded NASH Holdings, which includes several companies such as Nash Paints, Eastlea Paints, Nashrin Cargo Carriers, Avion, Spec Paints, Fishmongers Penman, Furnitures’ Coloursel, Nash Furnitures, and Project56 Construction.

He is the chairman of NASH Holdings, and he also operates in Zambia, South Africa, and Botswana.

In 2017, Tinashe Mutarisi was named the second most influential entrepreneur under the age of 40 in Zimbabwe by Ngoda Business.

The judges considered several factors, including national relevance, global appeal, social impact, motivation/leadership, economic value, general influence, and brand equity.

In 2020, Tinashe Mutarisi entered the music industry through Nashtvzimbabwe.

Wife and Children

Tinashe Mutarisi with his family-Image Source(Facebook)

Tinashe Mutarisi with his family-Image Source(Facebook)

The businessman is married to his wife of many years who is known as Kudzai. The two have six children between them and take care of Tinashe’s nieces and nephews as well.


Tinashe Mutarisi has supported the arts and entertainment industry through his company, Nash Paints.
He has supported Bustop TV, Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement, and partnered with events such as the Alfred Kainga comedy show.

Tinashe Mutarisi carries out most of his philanthropy work through his House of Hope foundation and The Tinashe Mutarisi Trust.

Recent Controversy With Passion Java & Mudiwa Hood

Tinashe Mutarisi recently found himself entangled in a public dispute with maverick preacher Passion Java and hip-hop artist Mudiwa Hood.

The conflict encompassed various aspects, including allegations and counter-allegations, accusations of insurance fraud, and the burning of a factory.

Allegations and Counter-Allegations

In this tumultuous episode, Passion Java, a self-proclaimed prophet, made startling allegations against Tinashe Mutarisi.

He claimed that Mutarisi intentionally set fire to his factory to secure insurance money.

Java argued that the insurance companies were astute enough not to be duped, which left Mutarisi embittered.

Tinashe Mutarisi’s Response To Passion Java

Tinashe Mutarisi promptly responded to these allegations, providing a clear account of the situation.

He disclosed that Passion Java and Mudiwa Hood had contacted him, asserting that they were acting on the orders of higher authorities to campaign against him and his business.

Mutarisi unequivocally refuted these claims, labelling them as mere attention-seeking behaviour.

Jealousy and Conflict

Mutarisi pointed out that the dispute was not indicative of a systemic issue but rather a personal grudge held by Passion Java and his associates.

He argued that they were envious of the support and admiration he received from the people of Zimbabwe without the need for self-aggrandizement.

Attempts at Resolution

Throughout the dispute, it became evident that both sides had made attempts at resolution. Mutarisi had reportedly declined to be drawn into what he described as “destructive cliques” that aimed to undermine national values.

He had even appealed to his detractors to leave him alone, but the conflict continued unabated.

Impact on Tinashe Mutarisi’s Business and Personal Life

The controversy has had tangible effects on Tinashe Mutarisi’s life. In May of the same year, Mutarisi’s Nash Furnishers Headquarters in Harare was destroyed by fire.

The incident resulted in the loss of almost US$1.3 million worth of raw materials and plant equipment.

Moreover, the ongoing dispute led to speculation that Mutarisi might be experiencing sabotage from certain quarters.

Mudiwa Hood’s Apology  To Tinashe Mutarisi

Following the intense conflict, Mudiwa Hood, known for his role as a gospel rapper and author, extended an apology to Tinashe Mutarisi.

Mudiwa expressed regret for his part in the drama, acknowledging his responsibility and role in the situation.

He elaborated that he had intended to facilitate peace between the conflicting parties, although his approach had not yielded the desired results.

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Seh Calaz’s Critique of Passion Java

Notably, Zimdancehall musician Seh Calaz weighed in on the situation by defending Tinashe Mutarisi and critiquing Passion Java.

Seh Calaz condemned what he referred to as Java’s “fake lifestyle” and emphasized his support for Mutarisi.

He called attention to allegations of fakery in various aspects of Passion Java’s life, including his marriage, church, lifestyle, clothing, and social media presence.

Seh Calaz’s critique highlighted the extent of the controversy and the divisions it created within the public sphere.

He encouraged individuals who had experienced negative interactions with Passion Java to come forward and share their stories, potentially shedding further light on the situation.

In conclusion, the recent controversy involving Tinashe Mutarisi, Passion Java, and Mudiwa Hood was marked by a series of allegations, responses, and resolution attempts.

It also brought to the forefront the potential consequences of such disputes on businesses and personal lives.



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