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Tsumo DzeChiShona Dzinotanga naR

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“Step into the vibrant tapestry of Zimbabwean culture, where “tsumo” weaves threads of wisdom and tradition.

These timeless proverbs, passed down through generations, offer potent life lessons, gentle reminders, and insightful warnings.

More than just words, “tsumo” forms the bedrock of Shona identity, connecting past, present, and future. Are you ready to explore the depth and beauty of this cultural treasure?”

Tsumo dzinotanga naR:

  1. Rume kudya kumwe, hakuone maningi:  (If a person eats at one place, they won’t see many others) – This proverb speaks to the limitations of our perspective and experiences. We can only fully understand what we directly encounter.
  2. Rufu rwunouya rwusingazivikanwi: (Death comes unexpectedly) – This proverb reminds us of the impermanence of life and encourages us to make the most of our time.

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    Tsumo DzeChiShona Dzinotanga naR

    Tsumo: Picture credit to Archie Mathibela

  3. Rova zvako kana usina wokugoverana: (Dance by yourself if you have no one to share it with) – This proverb encourages self-reliance and finding joy in solitude.
  4. Rwendo rurefu rwunoitwa nechembere: (A long journey is walked by the elderly) – This proverb emphasizes the importance of experience and knowledge accumulated over time.

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  5. Rembo iripo haibviki: (The rainbow that exists doesn’t disappear) – This proverb suggests that some things are inevitable and beyond our control.
  6. Ruramisai nhunzi dzisati dzaoma: (Sharpen your axes before they become blunt) – This proverb encourages preparedness and taking action before problems arise.

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  7. Ruzivo haruna huremu: (Knowledge has no weight) – This proverb highlights the value of knowledge as something easily acquired and shared.
  8. Ruoko rwene rukuru rwunogeza chiso chawo: (A big hand washes its face) – This proverb warns against relying on others to solve your problems.
    Sacred Mbuya Nehanda shrine under siege from illegal gold miners - The  Standard

    Tsumo: Picture credit to Newsday

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  9. Rudo rukuru runopfumbata: (Great love blinds) – This proverb cautions against letting emotions cloud your judgment.
  10. Rwizi rwunoyerera rwunoenda kurwizi: (A flowing river goes to the sea) – This proverb emphasizes the inevitability of some things and the importance of adapting to change.

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