Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Voltz JT Biography: Early Life | Education | Music Career | Musical Style | Awards | Holy Ten Beef

Voltz JT Biography: Early Life | Education | Music Career | Musical Style | Awards | Holy Ten Beef

Voltz JT Biography: Early Life | Education | Music Career | Musical Style | Awards | Holy Ten Beef post thumbnail image

Voltz JT Biography: Early Life | Education | Music Career | Musical Style | Awards | Holy Ten Beef

Voltz JT is a Zimbabwean hip-hop musician who has pioneered the jecha trap sound, a fusion of drill music and the Shona language. He is known for his socially conscious lyrics and catchy beats that reflect the realities of the ghetto.

Voltz JT Age

Voltz JT was born Nkosilathi Sibiya on 19 March 1999 in Chitungwiza. As of 2024 he is now 25 years old.

Early Life and Education

Voltz JT attended Sanyati Baptist High School and later studied electronic telecommunications at the University of Zimbabwe. He graduated from University of Zimbabwe in 2022 December.

Voltz JT Music Career


Voltz JT Biography [Image: @voltz_jtmusic/Instagram]

Voltz JT recorded his first song Boys Rangu in 2016. By 2021, he had released two EPs: Power Moves, a joint project with Kerposh, and Mayhem and Modies, his solo debut.

Voltz JT rose to fame with his track These Days, which went viral for its social commentary on the hardships faced by the youth in Zimbabwe. He followed up with another hit titled Nyaya Dzemari, which talks about how money causes rifts between friends.

He also collaborated with Holy Ten on How Far, which asks the question of how far one is willing to go to achieve success. In 2022, he released his debut album, Life of Muvhimi, which featured artists like Tamy Moyo and Dobba Don.

In 2023, Voltz JT released Makuruwani with Nutty O. The song became a hit, topping the ZiFM charts and being in the top 5 on other local radio stations.

Voltz JT has also performed at various shows and festivals, such as Shoko Festival and the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA).

Recently he released mukoma brian a track which have social commentary about the hardships which most of the men in Zimbabwe face.

Voltz JT Popular Music Videos

Shamwari Yangu

Same Drawer neGown

Mukoma Brian


These Days

Musical Style and Influences

Voltz JT Biography

Voltz JT Biography [Image: @voltz_jtmusic/Instagram]

Voltz JT’s musical style is influenced by drill music, a subgenre of hip-hop that originated in the United Kingdom. Drill music is characterized by dark, grimy and violent lyrics over hard-hitting beats.

Voltz JT has adapted this style to suit his local context, using the Shona language and slang to express his views on social issues. He calls his style jecha trap, which means “sand trap” in Shona. Jecha is a metaphor for the obstacles and challenges that people face in the ghetto.

Voltz JT has cited artists such as Pop Smoke, Drake, Lil Durk and Scrip Mula as his musical influences. He has also said that he listens to different genres of music, such as reggae, dancehall, afro-pop and gospel.

Voltz JT Relationship/Girlfriend

Voltz JT has maintained privacy regarding his relationship status, and it remains undisclosed. There were rumors linking him romantically to Kimberly Richards, but she eventually married Holy Ten.

Awards and Recognition

Voltz JT has received several awards and nominations for his music. He won the Best Newcomer award at the Zim Hip Hop Awards 2020. He was also nominated for Best Male Artist and Best Hip Hop Artist at the Star FM Music Awards 2021.

Voltz JT has also received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. He has been praised for his originality, creativity and relevance. He has been described as “the voice of the streets” and “the future of Zim hip hop” by various media outlets.

Holy Ten Beef

Voltz JT Biography

Voltz JT Biography [Image: Voltz JT/YouTube]

Holy Ten mocked Voltz JT for his performance at the Zim Hip Hop Awards 2020, where he won the Best Newcomer award. He also accused him of imitating his style and being ungrateful for his help.

Voltz JT initially decided not to respond to Holy Ten’s mockery but later threw his own salvos in a track titled Modhe. He also accused him of sacrificing his friends for fame and being a coward.

Holy Ten replied with a track called Mbuya Vana Munya, where he dismissed Voltz JT as a crybaby and a wannabe. He also claimed that he was the king of drill music and that Voltz JT was irrelevant.



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