Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Webiston Jokonya Biography & Profile| Wiki, Age, Founding Delvin, Education, Personal Life 

Webiston Jokonya Biography & Profile| Wiki, Age, Founding Delvin, Education, Personal Life 

Webiston Jokonya Biography & Profile| Wiki, Age, Founding Delvin, Education, Personal Life  post thumbnail image

Webiston Jokonya Biography & Profile

Webiston Jokonya is a Zimbabwean-born academic who gained international attention on September 5, 2023, when he declared the establishment of a new sovereign state, the United Republic of Delvin (URD), situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Jokonya is currently the Prime Minister and head of state of  URD.  This comprehensive biography of Webiston Jokonya encompasses his upbringing, academic achievements, career milestones, and the landmark founding of the United Republic of Delvin. His dynamic roles in academia and the establishment of URD underscore his multifaceted contributions to education and global governance.

Age & Date of Birth

Webiston Jokonya was born on November 9, 1978, at Kazangarare Clinic in Manyati Village, Hurungwe, in Zimbabwe’s Mashonaland West province.  This means that he is 45-years-old as of 2023.  Jokonya’s journey from a rural upbringing to a historic declaration embodies a unique narrative.


Jokonya embarked on his academic pursuits from local schools under Chief Kazangarare, completing his O-level studies in 1994. He later moved to Karoi in 2001, delving into diverse commercial courses including bookkeeping, electronics, computer applications, and repairs. His academic journey expanded as he obtained several Doctoral degrees: in Information Technology from GEPEA University, Portugal; in Physical Education from the World University of Sports, Iran; in Mass Communication from Anjad University, Pakistan; and a Doctorate in Business Administration.


Webiston Jokonya Biography Profile

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Personal Life

Raised under Chief Kazangarare’s guidance in Hurungwe, Jokonya’s passion for knowledge and exploration manifested early. His profound academic achievements intertwine with personal milestones, notably his discovery of an uninhabited territory during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This serendipitous encounter marked the inception of his vision for the United Republic of Delvin


Jokonya’s career trajectory reflects a diverse spectrum of roles. His professional journey includes stints as a computer technician at Karoi Outdoor Living Center, the formation of his company, and appointments as a visiting professor across various global universities. His academic engagements fuelled his exploration, ultimately leading to the discovery and declaration of URD.

Founding United Republic of Delvin (URD)

Declaration and Vision

Webiston Jokonya’s declaration of the United Republic of Delvin (URD) on September 5, 2023, marked a watershed moment in geopolitical history. The emergence of URD stemmed from Jokonya’s strategic vision, catalysed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Conducting extensive research into nation-building processes, Jokonya unearthed the potential for founding a nation with a mere two permanent citizens in an unclaimed territory, leading to the discovery of an uninhabited island that he later christened Delvin, after his youngest child born during the pandemic.

URD’s Origin and Geography

The newfound sovereign State, situated on Howland Island in the Central Pacific Ocean, transformed a once unclaimed and uninhabited territory into a recognised nation-state. Spanning a mere 160 hectares, URD’s strategic location, approximately 1,700 nautical miles southwest of Honolulu, positions it as a unique entity between Hawaii and Australia. Despite its modest size, URD presents a promising prospect for development and global engagement.

Resources and Challenges

URD’s landscape, characterised by an equatorial climate with limited rainfall, abundant wind, and intense sunshine, presents both opportunities and challenges. The island boasts natural resources such as guano deposits and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. However, the absence of a freshwater source poses a significant challenge, compelling URD’s government to focus on innovative solutions for water procurement and sustainability.

Diplomatic Aspirations and Economic Prospects

Jokonya, in his capacity as URD’s first Prime Minister, extended a welcoming hand to global investors, emphasising the nation’s commitment to forging diplomatic ties and fostering economic growth. The inauguration of Port Howland, URD’s international seaport, and Nashville city, home to the Amelia International Airport, reflects URD’s aspiration to become an international hub for trade and connectivity.

Future Endeavours

URD’s nascent stage witnesses fervent efforts towards infrastructural development. Plans for road construction, housing facilities, and essential amenities are underway, with Jokonya actively engaged in securing passenger and cargo ships to facilitate material transportation. As URD garners interest from investors and receives accolades as a micro-nation, Jokonya remains optimistic about the nation’s economic trajectory and global significance.

The establishment of URD under Jokonya’s leadership not only marks a bold leap in diplomatic innovation but also presents a testament to human ingenuity and resilience in carving out new geopolitical frontiers.


Jokonya’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to found multiple educational institutions and serve in various capacities across global organisations. His commitment to education and academic excellence reflects in his roles as Chancellor at Zimbabwe Research Institute of Information Technology, Director of Administration at United Christian BIBLE University, and several other prestigious positions globally.


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