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AKA’s Death Video

The CCTV footage capturing the horrific moment in which South African rapper AKA, born Kiernan Forbes, was fatally shot surfaced on social media, causing widespread heartbreak.

The rapper was reportedly attacked as he exited a restaurant after dining with friends, including Lusasa “Saso” Ngcobo and Benny Maverick. The group dispersed as AKA headed to his performance at Yugo, hugging his friends in farewell.

In the footage, AKA is seen embracing one of his friends in a bucket hat before moving to greet another when a gunman wearing a white sweater and hat approached and shot the rapper in the head or neck.

A pool of blood quickly formed around AKA’s head as his friends and bodyguards sought cover while the hitman disappeared into the night.



Last Act Of Kindness

The reason behind AKA’s location updates on his last day was revealed by a close friend of the late rapper. Philani Kweyama said AKA shared his whereabouts on social media because he wanted to promote the places he and his friends were exploring in Durban. In an interview with eNCA, Kweyama explained that AKA called him earlier that day and expressed interest in trying out a new restaurant and getting a haircut at Kweyama’s place. AKA had promised to promote these places on social media and was all set to support Durban. Kweyama went on to recall their conversations during dinner on that fateful night.


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Amount Paid To The Hitmen

A taxi boss suggested that the KZN hitmen who executed the hit on AKA were possibly paid around R250 000.

TimesLIVE conducted an in-depth interview with a taxi owner from KwaZulu-Natal who personally knows how the hitmen industry works. Assasins are know as izinkabi in iSiZulu.

According to the investigation, hitmen charge from R10 000 for an ordinary person with no bodyguard, soaring up to R500 000 or a million rands for more dangerous people.

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