Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Crooger Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age, Relationship With Anita Jaxson, Domestic Abuse Allegations

Crooger Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age, Relationship With Anita Jaxson, Domestic Abuse Allegations

Crooger Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age, Relationship With Anita Jaxson, Domestic Abuse Allegations post thumbnail image

Crooger Biography

Crooger, is a Zimbabwean music artist known for his versatility in singing and rapping in both Shona and English. He began his musical journey at a young age and has since become a prominent figure in the hip-hop and Afro music scene in Zimbabwe. Crooger’s career has been marked by dedication, perseverance, and a strong family support system.


Real Name

Crooger’s real name is Nyasha Gurure.

Age and Date of Birth

Crooger was born on January 11, 1994, in Chitungwiza,  which means that he is 29 years old as of 2023.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Nyasha Gurure, also known as Crooger, was born in the satellite town of Chitungwiza on January 11, 1994. His early life was shaped by the harsh streets of Seke, where he developed a deep passion for music, particularly drumming and singing. At the tender age of 9, Crooger released his debut dancehall single titled “Honourable,” which marked the beginning of his musical journey.

His passion for music continued to grow during his formative years, and in high school, he transitioned from dancehall to hip-hop.

The Birth of “Crooger”

Crooger’s stage name, “Crooger,” has an amusing origin. It originated from a childhood incident when he “borrowed” his brother’s Nokia 5110 mobile phone to flaunt at his primary school. This incident led to him being affectionately called “Crooker,” a nickname that would later become his musical identity after he changed it to “Crooger.”

Versatility in Music

One of Crooger’s defining characteristics as an artist is his versatility. He has showcased his ability to sing and rap fluently in both Shona and English. His musical repertoire spans various genres, including Hip-hop, Afro Hip-hop, Afrobeat, Afro House, and R&B.


Crooger Biography

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Family Support

Throughout his career, Crooger has been fueled by the unwavering support of his family, particularly his mother. Despite facing doubts and scepticism in his early stages as an artist, his mother provided him with his first studio funding when others did not believe in his musical talent. This support has played a pivotal role in his journey to success.

Overcoming Challenges

Crooger’s path to success was not without challenges. In his early career, he encountered criticism due to his deep voice, with some doubting his singing abilities. However, he used these negative comments as motivation to continually improve his craft. Through hard work and dedication, he silenced his critics and emerged as one of Zimbabwe’s most sought-after hip-hop artists.

Debut Album – “Road to Fame”

Crooger’s debut album, titled “Road to Fame,” featured hit songs like “Mabroke Dudes” featuring MMT, “Zvirikufaya” featuring Nyasha Timbe, “Tambatione,” and “I Want Her.” The album’s success earned Crooger the Best Album Art award at the 2013 Zim Hip-Hop Awards, along with nominations in the Best Album and Best Newcomer categories.

Later Career Highlights

In subsequent years, Crooger continued to make waves in the music industry. In 2018, he released a 22-track album titled “Shumba Inoruma,” which gained popularity on platforms like iTunes and Deezer. He also expanded his international presence by performing at Zimfest in the United Kingdom in August 2019 and touring Australia with DJ Tira and King 98 in September 2019.


Beyond music, Crooger ventured into entrepreneurship by launching a line of school exercise books called “Shumba Inoruma,” which received positive feedback from the stationery industry. He draws inspiration from prominent investors such as Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote, and Bill Gates. Additionally, he admires fellow trendsetter and hip-hop artist Takura.

Relationship With Anita Jaxson & Allegations of Domestic Abuse

In December 2022, Crooger faced allegations of domestic abuse brought forth by his then-partner, Anita Jaxson. Anita accused him of physical and verbal abuse during their two-year relationship, which included a period of cohabitation.

Anita presented evidence, including photographs of her face showing bruises allegedly sustained from the abuse. She also claimed that Crooger’s sister had been sending her threatening messages. In response, he contended that the source of their problems was a man who had been sending Anita money.

Resolution of Allegations

The allegations of domestic abuse between Crooger and Anita Jaxson led to a court case. Magistrate Tamara Chibindi granted a reciprocal protection order, indicating that both parties were to refrain from any form of violence or harassment against each other.

The court case revealed conflicting accounts of the events, with both Crooger and Anita maintaining their positions. Crooger asserted that Anita had initiated physical aggression, while Anita claimed that Crooger had been the aggressor.



  • Changamire Music Awards: Best Collaboration



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