Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Mai Olivia Charamba Biography| Age, Education, Awards, Personal Life 

Mai Olivia Charamba Biography| Age, Education, Awards, Personal Life 

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Olivia Charamba, professionally known as Mai Charamba, is a distinguished Zimbabwean gospel artist who has made significant contributions to the gospel music scene.

Her journey in the industry has been marked by dedication, talent, and collaborative efforts.

Early Life

Olivia Charamba, born Olivia Maseko on August 14, 1973, in Zimbabwe, developed a passion for singing during the 1980s.

Her musical roots trace back to her involvement in the Salvation Army choir, where her talent was nurtured.

In 1995, she took a pivotal step by joining the Apostolic Faith Mission, setting the stage for her future collaborations and career in gospel music.

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Mai Olivia Charamba Biography| Age, Education, Awards, Personal Life 

Mai Olivia Charamba Biography: Picture credit to Newsday

Mai Olivia Charamba’s Early Life: A Life Shaped by Faith and Music

Born Olivia Maseko on August 14, 1973, Mai Charamba’s early life unfolded within the strong embrace of both faith and music. Here’s a glimpse into her formative years:

Early Exposure to Music:

  • Singing in the Choir: Olivia began honing her vocal skills in the Salvation Army choir during the 1980s. This experience likely nurtured her passion for music and instilled a deep spiritual connection through song.
  • Transition to Apostolic Faith Mission: In 1995, she joined the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM). This shift not only deepened her commitment to her faith but also proved pivotal in her career trajectory.

Meeting Charles Charamba and Entering the Music Scene:

  • Joining Charles Charamba’s Ministry: It was at the AFM that she met Charles Charamba, a well-established gospel artist. They soon married and collaborated musically.
  • Debut as Backing Vocalist: In 1997, Olivia lent her voice as a backing vocalist on Charles’ debut album, “Tinashe Akatendeka.” This collaboration not only showcased her talent but also marked the beginning of their successful musical partnership.

Education and Personal Growth:

  • Theological Studies: While dedicating herself to music, Olivia pursued her spiritual calling. She earned a Diploma in Theology from Living Waters Seminary in 2003, demonstrating her commitment to faith and personal growth.

Launching a Solo Career and Becoming “Mai Charamba”:

  • “Amen” (2000): Olivia’s solo debut album, “Amen,” released in 2000, marked a significant turning point. With Charles composing the songs, she established herself as a powerful vocalist and inspirational songwriter in her own right.
  • From Olivia to Mai: It’s worth noting that “Mai” is an honorific title in Shona, signifying respect and affection. As her influence grew, she became affectionately known as “Mai Charamba,” a testament to her stature within the Zimbabwean gospel community.

Beyond Music:

  • Pastoral Calling: In 2013, she was ordained as a pastor, reflecting her dedication to serving her community beyond music.
  • Balancing Roles: Mai Charamba successfully navigates the roles of musician, pastor, wife, and mother, highlighting her strength, faith, and dedication.

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Mai Olivia Charamba Biography| Age, Education, Awards, Personal Life 

Mai Olivia Charamba Biography: Picture credit to Safrolabes


Within the Apostolic Faith Mission, Olivia Charamba crossed paths with Pastor Charles Charamba.

Their musical journey began in 1997 when she served as a backing vocalist on Charles Charamba’s debut album, “Tinashe Akatendeka.”

This collaboration laid the foundation for their enduring partnership in both marriage and music.

Mai Olivia Charamba and Pastor Charles Charamba have been married since 1997, making them a beloved and admired couple in the Zimbabwean gospel music scene and beyond. While they keep their personal lives relatively private, here’s what we know about their marriage life:

Foundation Built on Faith and Music:

  • Their relationship blossomed through a shared love of music and faith. Both were active members of the Apostolic Faith Mission choir, where they initially met. This shared background served as a strong foundation for their connection.

Partnership in Music and Ministry:

  • They are not only husband and wife but also successful musical collaborators. Olivia serves as a backing vocalist on many of Charles’ albums, and they have released several collaborative projects together. Their music often carries themes of faith, love, and inspiration.
  • They have both pursued ministerial roles. Charles is a pastor, and Olivia was ordained in 2013. This shared calling further deepens their bond and purpose.

Navigating Challenges and Maintaining Privacy:

  • Like any couple, they likely face challenges, especially with busy schedules and demanding careers. However, they maintain a relatively private life, avoiding unnecessary media attention on their relationship.
  • In interviews, they have shared their commitment to staying true to their values and vows, emphasizing the importance of communication, respect, and prioritizing their family.

Celebrating Love and Success:

  • Despite occasional rumours and speculation, they remain a strong and united couple. They publicly celebrate milestones and achievements together, showcasing their enduring love and mutual support.
  • Their successful and long-lasting marriage serves as an inspiration to many, particularly within the Christian community.

Important Note:

It’s crucial to respect their privacy and avoid delving into unconfirmed details or sensationalizing their personal life. Instead, we can appreciate them for their music, ministry, and their positive influence on the community.

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Following her successful entry into the music industry, Olivia Charamba pursued higher education at Living Waters Seminary.

She dedicated three years to the study of Theology, delving into the knowledge and teachings of her faith.

In 2003, her commitment bore fruit as she graduated with a Diploma in Theology, a testament to her dedication and hard work.

Mai Charamba’s education primarily focused on theological studies, reflecting her deep commitment to her faith and calling. Here’s a breakdown of her known educational achievements:

Diploma in Theology:

  • Institution: Living Waters Seminary, Zimbabwe
  • Completed: 2003
  • Significance: This three-year program equipped her with the knowledge and skills needed to serve as a pastor and contribute significantly to her role within the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM).

Further Studies:

  • While information about any further formal education is limited, she has continued to learn and grow throughout her career. This likely includes ongoing theological studies, leadership training, and personal development initiatives.

Additional Points:

  • Impact of Education: Her theological education has played a crucial role in shaping her music and ministry. Many of her songs carry strong spiritual messages, and her pastoral calling adds depth and authenticity to her work.
  • Role Model: As a woman in ministry, she inspires many others to pursue their educational goals and leadership aspirations.

Additional Notes:

  • It’s important to remember that education is just one aspect of Mai Charamba’s life and achievements. Her talent, faith, and dedication have all contributed significantly to her success.
  • While respecting her privacy, we can celebrate her commitment to learning and continuous growth.
Mai Olivia Charamba Biography| Age, Education, Awards, Personal Life 

Mai Olivia Charamba Biography: Picture credit to Spotify


Mai Charamba’s musical career reached a milestone in the year 2000 with the release of her debut album, “Amen.”

This album featured compositions by Pastor Charles Charamba and showcased the talents of backing vocalists Tariro Muringa and Spiwe Chimuti.

Her discography also includes notable albums like “Daily Bread” (2000), “The Gospel” (2009), and “Voice of Miriam.”

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Throughout her career, Mai Charamba has received recognition for her contributions to gospel music.

She has been honoured with awards such as Best Female Musician, Best Gospel Musician, Best Gospel Album, and Most Outstanding Female Musician.


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