Zimbabwe Profiles People Winky D Biography: Real Name, Albums, Family

Winky D Biography: Real Name, Albums, Family

Winky D Biography: Real Name, Albums, Family post thumbnail image

Winky D Biography: Real Name, Albums, Family

Winky D is a Zimbabwean reggae-dancehall musician born on February 1, 1983, and is also known by several nicknames such as “The Big Man”, “Dancehall Igwe”, “Gaffa”, “Ninja President”, “Professor”, and “Extraterrestrial”. He is considered a pioneer of Zimdancehall music and is one of the most successful modern Zimbabwean music artists.

Winky D’s music often includes social commentary about Zimbabwean society, which has led to some of his songs being censored. He was previously a presenter for the Rockers Vibes program, which was an all-reggae program with other hosts Trevor Hall and Belemnite Zimunya.

Winky D was also featured in the Southern Africa Music Airwaves (SAMA) Festival in 2009 and has released a total of nine studio albums.

Winky D’s Real Name

When the musician was born his parents named him Wallace Chirumiko.

Winky D’s Age

He was born on the 1st of  February 1983. As of 2024, Winky D is 41 years old of age.

Winky D biography-Image Source(Instagram)

Winky D biography-Image Source(Instagram)

Winky D’s Early Life

Winky D was born in Kambuzuma, a suburb of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. He discovered his love for music at an early age and started listening to reggae when he was eight years old. Winky D’s brother Trevor Chirumiko, who is also a musician and music producer, is known as Layan.

Winky D attended Rukudzo Primary School and later went to Kambuzuma High School in Harare. As a teenager, he performed at small events and concerts. At the age of 16, he participated in Getto Lane Clashes, which was a DJ competition that aimed to identify talented musicians. Winky D was noticed as a skilled musician and was given the nickname ‘Wicked DeeJay,’ which was later shortened to Winky D.

In 2013, Winky D started singing gospel songs and also campaigned against drug addiction in society.

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Winky D’s Music Career

Winky D teamed up with Bartholomew Vera of Blacklab Studios to record his first songs, “Rasta” and “Dead Inna War,” which became popular on dance floors. He has since released eleven albums and has gained fans all over the world through successful tours in the United Kingdom, the United States, Asia, and South Africa. Winky D is now an icon of Zimbabwean and African urban/reggae music, with several nicknames such as “King of Dancehall,” “Gombwe,” “Gaffer,” “The BigMan,” “Messi wereggae,” and “Truthsayer.”

In 2012, Winky D collaborated with Albert Nyoni to produce a song entitled “If you know you are a champion get circumcised” to promote circumcision among Zimbabwean men.

In 2010, Winky D was scheduled to perform with Capleton on New Year’s Eve, but he withdrew from the performance and canceled all his scheduled shows due to disagreements.

Winky D failed to perform at President Robert Mugabe’s inauguration gala held in August 2013, and there were conflicting reports about his whereabouts during the event.

In 2011, Winky D made his debut at the Monash Beer Fest Carnival in Johannesburg, South Africa, performing alongside other musicians.

In 2023, Winky D released his latest album, Eureka Eureka, which contains songs that tackle social issues in Zimbabwe, such as corruption and the struggles faced by young people. One of the songs, “Ibotso,” caused controversy and led to calls for his music to be banned in Zimbabwe. In March 2023, the police shut down a Winky D concert in Chitungwiza as he began to sing “Ibotso,” causing widespread condemnation.

Winky D biography-Image Source(Instagram)

Winky D biography-Image Source(Instagram)

Winky D Albums

  • War
  • The Devotee
  • Igofigo
  • PaKitchen
  • Life Yangu
  • Gafa life
  • Gafa Futi
  • Gombwe
  • Njema
  • Eureka

Winky D Awards

  • Best Male Artist (Southern Africa) in 2022 – (AFRIMA) 
  • Best album Igofigo and People’s Choice Award – National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) 2010
  • Best Live Performer Award – Zimdancehall Awards 2015
  • People’s Choice Award – NAMA 2020
  • Winky D won “Best Dancehall Artist” at the 2020 African Entertainment Awards USA.
  • Best African Dancehall Entertainer at the International Reggae and World Music Awards.
  • Best Album 2020 ‘Njema’ – Zimdancehall Awards

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Winky D’s Marital status and Wife

Not a lot is known about Winky D’s personal Life as he does not share anything about his life online. It is only known that he has a son named Tayenda and he shields them from the public.

Winky D Copyright Clash with Kenako  Music

Winky D, is currently facing copyright issues for his songs ‘Disappear’ and ‘Mirror,’ produced by Kenako Music. Two copyright strikes from the label have led to the removal of the songs from Winky D’s YouTube channel. Kenako claims non-receipt of royalties as the reason for the copyright strikes, citing a contractual agreement with the artist. A third strike could result in the complete shutdown of Winky D’s YouTube channel.






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