Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Bee WeZhira Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Husband, Qualifications, Career

Bee WeZhira Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Husband, Qualifications, Career

Bee WeZhira Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Husband, Qualifications, Career post thumbnail image

Bee WeZhira Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Husband, Qualifications, Career


Bee WeZhira, also known as Senzeni, is a popular Zimbabwean comedian who has made a name for herself by portraying a number of characters in online skits.  She gained fame during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020.

She began her career as a teacher, graduating from the Great Zimbabwe University with a Bachelor of Education. She worked as a temporary teacher in Gokwe before venturing into comedy at the end of 2020.



Real Name

Bee Wezhira’s real name is Beatrice Mudzingwa.


Age and Date of Birth

Bee WeZhira’s age and date of birth could not be readily established from public documents at the time of publishing.  However, during an interview with NewsDay in 2022, she said that she was somewhere between 26 and 30 years of age.  She refused to state her actual age.


Family Background

Bee WeZhira was born in a family of three girls and two boys and grew up in Jahwa/Chekai village in Chivi district, near Ngundu growth point.

When she left home for temporary teaching in Gokwe in 2014, her family was displaced by the flooding Tugwi-Mukosi Dam. One of her sisters also passed away the same year. Her parents now stay in Chingwizi, and Bee WeZhira visits them three times a year.



Bee Wezhira caught many off guard when she got married in a secret wedding ceremony in April 2023.

When reached for more information about her new husband, Bee Wezhira remained tight-lipped and only stated that she would share the details on her own terms.

She even declined to reveal the date or location of her wedding, choosing to keep that information to herself.

“You know how social media is. I am not ready to post (pictures) of my husband. I am not going to tell you the wedding venue or date, but it was two weeks ago,” she said.

However, her plans to keep her nuptials private did not last long after her husband disclosed the marriage.

Bee WeZhira’s husband is Sean Delroy Gweta, a cleric based in South Africa.

According to sources, Bee WeZhira’s husband is the founding leader of Jiam Ministries, a religious organization that focuses on spiritual healing and empowerment.

He is renowned for performing miracles, particularly related to fertility issues. Sean is also known to be friends with Zimdancehall musicians Crystal Dangerzone and Jah Child.


Education & Qualifications

She attended Zunga Primary School and Neruvanga High School for her Ordinary and Advanced Levels before enrolling at Great Zimbabwe University for a Bachelor of Education from 2015 to June 2019. Bee WeZhira is a high school teacher by profession.

Career and Rise to Fame

Bee WeZhira began her career as a temporary teacher in Gokwe before venturing into other fields.

After being retrenched from her job as a receptionist and reservationist at a hotel in Glen Lorne, Harare, due to the COVID-19-induced lockdowns in 2020, Bee WeZhira began to make social media skits.

She was inspired by Madam Boss and Mai Titi and started with TikTok before creating a Facebook page in November 2020, which now has over 305,000 followers. She also has over 21,000 followers on TikTok, more than 18,000 subscribers on YouTube, and over 10,500 followers on Instagram.

In her skits, Bee WeZhira portrays the character of Senzeni, a shabbily-dressed young female character who wears an old-style wig and a worn-out school shoe. Senzeni is mentally challenged, and her attire has no order. She just puts on what is there. Bee WeZhira’s portrayal of Senzeni has earned her a growing followership and huge number of views. She is now sought after by schools, car hire, and décor companies to market their businesses.

She has also played different characters, such as Amai Ruvimbo Mukadzi waMike, Bee Rasta, Mbuya vaPritchard, and Senzeni, with the latter being the most loved.

Bee WeZhira Biography & Profile: Real Name, Age, Husband, Qualifications, Career

Bee WeZhira [Image Credit: Facebook/Bee WeZhira]

Endorsement Deals and Inspiration

Bee WeZhira has no sponsor, but corporates have been handy. They give her endorsement deals when they want her to market their businesses, and she gets paid for it. This helps her earn a decent living and send something to her parents back home. The comedian said that the huge numbers of followers and views are her motivation and inspiration. Whenever she thinks of quitting, she thinks of the support that she gets from her fans and tells herself to keep on pushing.

Characterization in Skits

Bee WeZhira has played different characters like Amai Ruvimbo mukadzi waMike, Bee Rasta, Mbuya vaPritchard, and Senzeni. However, she has noticed that among all those characters, Senzeni is the most loved, so she is now the only character that she plays.

She sometimes plays the other characters when she feels like dishing out something different, but she knows that people do not like them as much as they like Senzeni. The huge number of followers motivates Bee WeZhira to keep producing more skits.

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