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Four Seasons Media ZW| Founders, Exit From Naiza Boom, Contacts, Videos

Four Seasons Media ZW| Founders, Exit From Naiza Boom, Contacts, Videos post thumbnail image

Four Seasons Media ZW

Four Seasons Media ZW is a Zimbabwean media company operating in the entertainment industry, founded by a group of creative individuals who left the prominent group Naiza Boom Films.

This multimedia company has garnered recognition for its diverse content offerings, including advertising, sponsorship, endorsements, skits, MC services, video vixen appearances, marketing, and bookings.

Four Seasons Media ZW was founded by popular actors Jatiwero, Netsai, Vhovho and Ozemwa in October 2023, shortly after their exit from Naiza Boom Films. It is famous for its short skits and Youtube drama series, which are shot in the local vernacular Shona language and feature former Naiza Boom actors.


Four Seasons Media ZW was established by a group of creative talents who departed from Naiza Boom in October 2023. The founding members of Four Seasons Media ZW include:

  • Myron Kudakwashe Muskwe (Ozemwa): Ozemwa is a well-known Zimbabwean actor who played a significant role in the formation of Four Seasons Media ZW.
  • Terrence Chirinda (Jatiwero): Jatiwero is one of the key founders of Four Seasons Media ZW, having left Naiza Boom along with Ozemwa and others.
  • Yvonne Chirowa (Vovo): Vovo, a prominent figure in the group, is among the founders of Four Seasons Media ZW.
  • Enlight Muzira (Netsai): Netsai, another vital member, contributed to the establishment of Four Seasons Media ZW.

Reasons for Departure

The decision of the four founding members to leave Naiza Boom was primarily driven by a combination of factors, including:

1. Low Salaries Allegations

The departing members cited issues related to low remuneration as one of the main reasons for their departure. They claimed that they believed they were being compensated inadequately for their contributions. While Naiza Boom initially offered fair salaries, these payments gradually dwindled to meagre amounts, which left the members dissatisfied.

2. Unprofessional Behavior Allegations

In addition to the financial disputes, the departing members raised allegations of unprofessional behavior within Naiza Boom. They claimed that Naiza Boom had adopted divisive tactics that sowed conflicts and a lack of respect among group members. The working environment, as described by the departing members, was not conducive to healthy and respectful collaboration.

These grievances concerning financial remuneration and professional conduct within Naiza Boom prompted Ozemwa, Jatiwero, Vovo, and Netsai to make the significant decision to leave the group and embark on the journey to establish Four Seasons Media ZW.


Four Seasons Media

Four Seasons Media [Image Credit: Facebook/Four Seasons Media]


Following their departure from Naiza Boom, these four founding members took the initiative to create their own creative platform, known as Four Seasons Media ZW.

This new venture has rapidly gained attention and has witnessed substantial growth. Notably, they introduced an official YouTube channel under the same name, which quickly amassed over 34,000 subscribers shortly after its launch.

Four Seasons Media ZW continues to expand and diversify its content, contributing to the vibrant landscape of the Zimbabwean entertainment industry.


How to Contact Four Seasons Media ZW

To get in touch with Four Seasons Media ZW for inquiries or business-related matters, you can reach their management through the following contact details:

  • Phone: +263 71 952 9922
  • Alternate Phone: +263 77 2271

Feel free to use these contact numbers for any management-related queries or collaborations with Four Seasons Media ZW.

Some Of Four Seasons Media Zw’s Videos



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