Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Freeman HKD Biography: Background | Early Life | Career | Albums | Armed Robber Allegations

Freeman HKD Biography: Background | Early Life | Career | Albums | Armed Robber Allegations

Freeman HKD Biography: Background | Early Life | Career | Albums | Armed Robber Allegations post thumbnail image

Freeman HKD Biography & Profile

Freeman is a Zimbabwean Zimdancehall artist, songwriter and producer. He is also known as Freeman HKD, HKD Boss or Doctor wemaGitare. He rose to fame with his hit song “Joina City” in 2010 and has since released several albums, singles and collaborations with other artists. He is also the founder of HKD Records, a record label that houses many popular Zimdancehall artists.



Early Life and Career

Freeman was born Emegy Sylvester Chizanga on June 22, 1988, in Bindura, Mashonaland Central province of Zimbabwe. He grew up in a family of six and attended his early education in Bindura.

He started his music career in 2009 when he recorded his first track, “Unondipa Rudo”, which was produced by WeMaNuff Nhubu. Before becoming a recording artist, he was a professional footballer playing for Mwana Africa F.C. in the first-division league at the time.


Freeman HKD Biography

Freeman HKD Biography [Image: Freeman HKD/Facebook]

He also worked as a butcher boy in Waterfalls in the late 2000s. In 2010, Freeman met DJ Staera, who introduced him to Hillary Mutake of Punchline Entertainment, and he started doing public performances.

His big break came with the release of his track “Joina City”, which became a hit on radio stations in Zimbabwe. Freeman was listed as one of the 100 most influential young Zimbabweans of 2013. In 2012, Freeman established HKD Records, a record label that houses numerous popular and some award-winning artists such as Daruler, Delroy, Vivian, Black Warrior, Crystal and Maggikal. He is also referred to as HKD Boss.




Freeman HKD Biography

Freeman HKD Biography [Image: Freeman HKD/Facebook]

Freeman has recorded nine studio albums, one mixtape and many singles. Some of his notable songs include “Shaina”, “Bata Ruwoko Rwangu”, “Doctor Weemagitare”, “Ngaibake” (featuring Alick Macheso), “Nzenza” (featuring Ex Q) and “iParty” (featuring Sandra Ndebele).

He has performed overseas in the United Kingdom alongside other Zimbabwean artists such as Tocky Vibes and Nox Guni. He has also done collaborations with other top Zimdancehall artists such as Winky D, Shinsoman, Celscius and Lady Squanda. Below are the albums Freman HKD has released:

  • Tapinda Mustaera (2011)
  • Last Man Standing (2012)
  • Vabeliver (2013)
  • New Chapter (2014)
  • Varidzi Vezvinhu (2015)
  • Mangoma Ihobho (2016)
  • Top Stricker (2017)
  • Mukuru WeKambani (2018)
  • Gango (2019)
  • Freeman & Friends (2020)
  • Robber (2021)
  • David And Goliath (2022)


Freeman HKD Awards


Freeman HKD Biography

Freeman HKD Biography [Image: Freeman HKD/Facebook]

Freeman has won several awards for his music, such as the Zimdancehall Awards for Best Male Artist (2014), Best Social Message (2015), Best Collaboration (2016) and Best Album (2019). He also scooped the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) for Song of the Year, Best Male Artist of the Year and Album of the Year in 2023 and the Star FM Awards for Best Zimdancehall Artist, Best Collaboration and Song of the Year in 2023.

Controversies and Armed Robber Allegations

Freeman HKD has found himself embroiled in controversies related to his associations with individuals involved in criminal activities, particularly armed robbers, leading to public scrutiny and speculation about his involvement.

Association with Alleged Armed Robbers

Recent incidents have connected Freeman to individuals linked to criminal acts. Godknows Machingura, a music promoter and socialite, was reportedly shot dead in an encounter with the police in Arcadia, Harare in December 2024. Machingura, known to be an associate of Freeman, was allegedly part of a group suspected of cross-border robbery activities.

Photos and videos of Freeman alongside individuals involved in these criminal incidents surfaced on social media, prompting public questioning of Freeman’s connections and the nature of his relationships with these individuals.

Album “Robbery” and Public Perception

A significant point of contention has been Freeman’s 2021 album titled “Robbery.” The album’s release coincided with events involving individuals associated with criminal activities. This timing led to speculation about whether the album’s content was inspired by Freeman’s real-life experiences or associations with alleged criminals.

Furthermore, the music video for the song “Robbery” depicted Freeman engaging in a robbery scenario, aiming to earn money to support his girlfriend and bedridden father. This portrayal fueled public debate about the blurred lines between art and reality, with many questioning whether the music video mirrored Freeman’s associations or experiences.

Freeman’s Denial and Explanation

Despite public scrutiny and media reports linking him to criminal associates, Freeman has consistently denied any involvement in criminal activities. He clarified that his interactions with individuals like Charles Chirara and Godknows Machingura were within the context of his music career and showbiz engagements.

Regarding the controversial album and its theme, Freeman explained that the title “Robbery” was inspired by the economic challenges and hardships faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized that the album’s concept was a reflection of the difficulties experienced by many during that period.

Public Reaction and Ongoing Speculation

Freeman’s explanations and denials haven’t fully quelled public speculation and discussion about his associations and the potential influence of real-life events on his music. Some supporters have stood by him, citing his status as a musician who interacts with various individuals in the industry. They assert that his connections are part of his professional engagements and not indicative of any criminal involvement.

However, others remain skeptical, pointing to the repeated associations between Freeman and individuals linked to criminal activities, emphasizing the need for caution and awareness of associations, especially given his public profile.


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