Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People George Guvamatanga Biography: Early Life | Banking Career | Finance Permanent Secretary | Personal Life

George Guvamatanga Biography: Early Life | Banking Career | Finance Permanent Secretary | Personal Life

George Guvamatanga Biography: Early Life | Banking Career | Finance Permanent Secretary | Personal Life post thumbnail image

This is the biography of George Guvamatanga, a banker and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Investment Promotion in Zimbabwe.


Early Life

George Tongesayi Guvamatanga was born in 1971. He grew up in the Kambuzuma suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe. His early education took place in Kambuzuma as well. He attended Kurai Primary School and Kambuzuma 1 High School for his secondary education.

In 1995, Guvamatanga earned a diploma from the Institute of Bankers of Zimbabwe. Thirteen years later, he participated in an Executive Development Programme with the University of Chicago. In 2010, he attained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of London.

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George Guvamatanga Banking Career

During the late 80s, the Zimbabwean government introduced Extended Science, and Guvamatanga was among the few selected students who sat for examinations in this subject. Despite his passion for accounting, he excelled in science and secured an apprenticeship. Guvamatanga began working at Olivine at a young age through an apprenticeship program as a lab technician in 1989.


George Guvamatanga Biography

George Guvamatanga Biography [Image: Newsday Zimbabwe]


His motivation for the finance sector was partly influenced by his sister’s work at a bank. Fate intervened when Guvamatanga received an invitation for an interview at Barclays Bank six months into the Olivine apprenticeship. Despite having limited funds, he walked across town to the branch, wearing one of his white school shirts. The supervisor, Mr. Chapoteka, noticed his determination and enquired about the dirty collar lining. Guvamatanga persisted, and three weeks before his 18th birthday in September 1989, he signed a contract with Barclays Bank, marking the beginning of his long and successful banking career.

In 2008, Guvamatanga was appointed as managing director and executive director of Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Ltd. His leadership contributed significantly to the bank’s operations during this period. He also served as the president of the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe.

After 28 years of service to Barclays Bank, Guvamatanga resigned as the managing director. This decision followed the successful acquisition of Barclays Bank PLC by First Merchant Bank of Malawi. Samuel Matsekete, the then-chief finance officer, took over as the acting managing director.

After leaving Barclays and failing to buy the bank with his friends, Guvamatanga focused on the family business.

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George Guvamatanga As Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

George Guvamatanga Biography

George Guvamatanga Biography [Image: Nehanda Radio]


In September 2018, Guvamatanga got a call from the “responsible authorities” for a meeting. he did not know he was to become the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

“The offer for the job actually came four hours before the appointment. Prior to that day, I did not know anything. The responsible authorities called me for a conversation, which at first did not look like a job offer. It started off as a casual conversation about the economic outlook and the relationship between banks and the Ministry of Finance. I thought they wanted some advice, and at the end of the conversation, that is when I was offered the job. When I checked my phone four hours later, there were 352 WhatsApp messages, 97 Twitter messages and notifications, there was a list circulating on Twitter, and my name was second on the list.”

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George Guvamatanga: Business Interests And Other Roles

Guvamatanga is a businessman with interests spanning real estate, insurance, retail and distribution, and farming, which he established before joining the government.

On November 25, 2021, he was appointed to the board of the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank Group (TDB Group) as a non-executive director.


Personal Life

George Guvamatanga is married and has six children. In August 2020, Guvamatanga celebrated beating COVID-19 by hiring a private aircraft to fly his family to Victoria Falls. He had been in hospital for over three weeks due to respiratory illness. Videos circulated showing Guvamatanga and his family being driven to the airport, where a Beech 300 Super King Air 350 aircraft awaited them.

In 2021, he invited South Africa’s Makhadzi and Mafikizolo to perform at his private 50th birthday party in Sunninghill, Harare. His daughter, Rutendo, wedded Zvikomborero Nyamakura in an immaculately opulent wedding in Cape Town.



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