Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Samantha “Gonyeti” Biography | Profile, Age, Education, Career, Family, Comedy, Bustop TV, Arrest, Kidnapping

Samantha “Gonyeti” Biography | Profile, Age, Education, Career, Family, Comedy, Bustop TV, Arrest, Kidnapping

Samantha “Gonyeti” Biography | Profile, Age, Education, Career, Family, Comedy, Bustop TV, Arrest, Kidnapping post thumbnail image

Samantha Kureya, also known by her stage name “Gonyeti,” is a talented Zimbabwean comedian and actress, renowned for her outstanding contributions to the world of comedy.


Age and Date of Birth

Gonyeti was born on September 16, 1986, at Mufakose Maternity Clinic, which means that she is 37 years old as of September 2023.


Early Life & Education

Samantha is the first-born in a family of four, consisting of two girls and two boys. She received her primary education at Ruzivo Primary School and completed her secondary education at Mufakose 4 High.


Gonyeti was raised by her mother Miriam Mabvudzi who was an actress and also featured in the popular Zimbabwean drama Togarasei as Mai Tonde. Gonyeti has two brothers namely Donald and Nigel as well as a sister called Felistas.

The Origin of “Gonyeti”

The stage name “Gonyeti” originated from a skit Samantha did with fellow comedians Bhutisi and Boss Kedha. The name was inspired by her heavily built physique and quickly became her signature moniker in the comedy world.

Early Career and Television Debut

Samantha Kureya’s acting journey began in 2008 when she featured in the drama series called “Kusika Moto.” Initially accompanying her mother to a rehearsal, she was offered a role and impressed everyone with her talent. This marked the start of her successful acting career, and she went on to star in various TV productions, including “You Owe Me,” “2 Villages Apart,” “Chiedza’s Diary,” “No Way Out,” “The Purse,” and “Fool’s Day.”

P.O. Box and Bustop TV

Samantha was part of the P.O. Box comedy team, and her experience with them was truly remarkable. She cherished the time spent with the team and expressed fond memories of those days. Although P.O. Box later transformed into P.O. Box Reloaded, Samantha maintained a positive relationship with her former colleagues, considering them as brothers and sisters in the comedy industry. Subsequently, Samantha joined Bustop TV, an online Zimbabwean TV channel that uses  humour to address real-life issues. She found a supportive and united family within the Bustop TV team, both on and off the set.

Venture into Stand-Up Comedy

While Samantha never envisioned herself as a stand-up comedian, she was encouraged and mentored by fellow comedians, including Doc Vikela, Prosper Ngomashi, Derreck Nziyakwi, and Lucky Aaroni. Despite initial nervousness, she embraced stand-up comedy and became a rising star in the field.

Shoko Festival Performance

Samantha Kureya’s first solo stand-up comedy set was planned for the prestigious Shoko Festival. She promised her fans and the promoters a well-polished and impressive act, showcasing her unique comedic talent.

2019 Arrest & Legal Incident

In February 2019, Sharon, along with fellow comedian Gonyeti, faced legal trouble and was arrested for wearing clothes resembling ZRP (Zimbabwe Republic Police) uniforms in a skit from 2016 without proper clearance. The police fined them for this offense.

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