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Gringo Biography | Profile, Age, Education, Career, Awards, Death Rumor, Gringaldino, Illness

Gringo Biography | Profile, Age, Education, Career, Awards, Death Rumor, Gringaldino, Illness post thumbnail image

Lazarus ‘Gringo’ Boora was a Zimbabwean actor who gained popularity for his role as the lead character in the 1997 Enock Chihombori drama series ‘Gringo’. He was widely regarded as a veteran comedian in Zimbabwe.


Boora was born on October 18, 1973, in the village of Rukweza in Rusape. He was married to Netsai Meki and had five children.


Gringo lived from October 18, 1973 till November 9, 2020 at the age of 47 years.


Boora attended Rukweza Primary School and Glen View Number Two Primary Schools for his primary education. He later went on to Tafara High School in Mabvuku for his secondary education. Boora furthered his education in drama at Mutare Teachers’ College and later pursued theater and dance at the University of Zimbabwe.


Boora’s passion for acting started during his primary school years in 1984. He joined various theatrical clubs in Mabvuku, including Yamaguchi drama club and Tamuka Theatrical Arts. In 1993, he joined Avondale-based Reps Theatre, where his acting skills flourished.

Later, Boora joined a marketing company called The People’s Roadshow, where he utilized short plays, sketches, and DJ skills to communicate with audiences. In 1996, he joined Screentalent, an acting club in Harare, before making his debut on television in Aaron Chiundura Moyo’s popular drama series ‘Chihwerure’ as a Junior Policeman.

In the same year, Boora met Enock Chihombori, a cartoonist for the weekly newspaper, Kwayedza, who created the character ‘Gringo’. Chihombori wrote a television script based on the character, and Boora was chosen to play the lead role without even auditioning due to his previous acting talent. Boora’s portrayal of ‘Gringo’ in the series garnered him immense fame. He continued to play the character in subsequent series, including ‘Gringo Ndiani’ (2001), ‘Gringo Mari iripi’ (2003), and ‘Gringo-Troublemaker’ (2013), the latter being a feature film.


Boora’s remarkable acting skills were recognized when he won the Best Actor award at the inaugural National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) in 2002.

Gringo’s Son

Following in his father’s footsteps, Boora’s son, Taurai Boora, is also involved in the arts industry. He has showcased his talent in acting and impressive footwork. However, in 2013, Gringo prohibited his son from pursuing acting due to the low financial returns.

Gringo Death Rumors

On February 22, 2017, rumors spread on social media that Lazarus Boora had passed away. However, these rumors were later retracted by the website Zimbojam, which had erroneously published the article. Boora himself dismissed the rumors, confirming his well-being.

Health Problems

Boora faced health challenges in his later years. In October 2020, at the age of 47, he battled tesnel or intestine obstruction, which caused discomfort, backaches, and difficulties in hearing and talking. He underwent appendix surgery in 2019 before moving back to his rural home in Rusape. Despite his health struggles, he returned to Harare to be with his wife and children. Unfortunately, in November 2020, his condition worsened when he was unable to afford necessary medication.

“Gringo” passed away on November 9, 2020, at Westview Hospital in Zimre Park, Ruwa, where he was admitted.

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