Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Holy Ten Biography | Profile, Real Name, Age, Career, Wife, Criticism, Endorsing ED

Holy Ten Biography | Profile, Real Name, Age, Career, Wife, Criticism, Endorsing ED

Holy Ten Biography | Profile, Real Name, Age, Career, Wife, Criticism, Endorsing ED post thumbnail image

Holy Ten, is a Zimbabwean rapper known for his thought-provoking lyrics and unique musical style. He gained popularity in the music industry for his socially conscious songs that address various issues affecting Zimbabwean society. Holy Ten has also made headlines for his endorsement of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ruling party, ZANU PF.


Holy Ten was born on the 18th of November 1998 making him 25 years old as of 2023.

Real Name

Holy Ten’s real name is Mukudzei Chitsama.

Early Life and Musical Journey

Mukudzei Chitsama, popularly known by his stage name Holy Ten, was born in Zimbabwe. Growing up in a musical family, he developed a passion for music at an early age. Holy Ten began honing his skills as a rapper and songwriter, drawing inspiration from different genres and artists.

Holy Ten has lived in Harare most of his life and did his school in the city too. His interest in music started when he was in High School at Speciss College. Holy Ten says that some of his classmates and friends started learning how to make beats. He then lied that he also knew how to make beats to join a group called the Fruit Loops while getting off the internet. That is when he started writing and rapping for fun.

In 2019, Holy Ten rose to prominence with his hit song “Rosa,” which quickly became an anthem for the youth in Zimbabwe. The song’s powerful lyrics, combined with a captivating flow, showcased his ability to tackle social and political themes within his music.

Endorsing President Mnangagwa

Holy Ten sparked controversy when he publicly expressed his support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU PF in the upcoming elections. In a video posted on his Instagram account, Holy Ten urged Zimbabweans to rally behind President Mnangagwa, highlighting the developmental work being done by the government.

However, his endorsement received backlash from journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and some members of the public. Chin’ono questioned Holy Ten’s decision to align himself with a regime that has faced criticism for suppressing political opposition and human rights violations.

Polarization in the Music Industry

The endorsement of President Mnangagwa by Holy Ten is reflective of the highly polarized political landscape in Zimbabwe. In the past, artists were often hesitant to publicly affiliate themselves with political parties or criticize the government due to fear of reprisals. However, in recent years, more artists have become vocal about their political beliefs and have openly supported opposition parties.

Holy Ten’s endorsement of the ruling party highlights the complexities and risks that artists face when engaging in political discourse. It has sparked discussions about the responsibilities of artists in a politically charged environment and the potential consequences of aligning with a particular political party.

Criticism and Backlash

Holy Ten’s endorsement of President Mnangagwa and ZANU PF has faced criticism from Chin’ono and others who question the artist’s stance on issues such as human rights, economic challenges, and the preservation of democratic principles. Some members of the public have expressed their disapproval by boycotting Holy Ten’s music on various platforms.

It is important to note that Holy Ten’s endorsement is not unique, as other artists in Zimbabwe, including Kicky Badass, Sandra Ndebele, Mambo Dhuterere, and Allan Chimbetu, have also faced similar criticism for endorsing the ruling party.

Beginning of Music Career

Holy Ten-Image Source(Instagram)

Holy Ten-Image Source(Instagram)

After lying to his friend named JT that he could make beats just so to join a crew, he failed to prove himself. However, JT felt pity and taught Holy Ten how to make beats for real. Through making beats, Holy Ten’s career kicked off.

Holy Ten started making music of his own when he was just 18 years old. He made a few songs but really gained fame in 2021 when he released Ndaremerwa and his fame blew up. Ever since then, he has released EPs and albums and even collaborated with other artists like Winky D, Qounfuzed, Anita Jackson, and many more.

List of Holy Ten Albums

  • Suicide Notes (2019)
  • Risky Life (2021)
  • Juta Pipo (EP 2021)
  • Energy (2022)
  • The Book of Malachi (2023)

Holy Ten’s Wife

Holy Ten and Kimberly Richards officially announced they were now husband and wife in April 2023. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Holy Ten paid US$15 000 as the bride price for his fiancée in Bulawayo. Kimberly gave birth to Mukudzei Junior soon after their marriage.

Enzo Ishall and Holy Ten Beef

In 2021, Enzo Ishall a famous Zimdancehall artist took to social media to call himself the King of Zim hip hop. This started a full-blown public beef between him and Holy Ten who believes that he is the best in the game. The two then planned to release diss tracks about each other with Holy Ten releasing Ko Makuita Sei first.

A few days later Enzo released his own reply and diss track which he called Takuita so. The beef was later claimed to have been in good blood as the two artists shook hands and even did shows together later on.

Winky D Controversy

On 31 December 2022, popular Zimdancehall artist Winky D had his album Eureka Eureka launch. Over the next first days of 2023, he released his songs bit by bit. On the album, he featured many artists in each of his songs. Holy Ten was featured on one song called Ibotso which stirred a lot of controversies.

Holy Ten who likes to call himself an advocate of the girl child wrote and rapped a verse for the track. The song was later called to have been political and Holy Ten denounced all of it saying that he was fooled by Winky D. This caused a lot of social media backlash as many Zimbabweans to call Winky D the voice of the people. Many people unfollowed Holy Ten on social media and other artists dissed him.

Holy Ten’s journey as a rapper and his endorsement of President Mnangagwa have ignited conversations and debates within Zimbabwe’s music industry and among the general public. Whether this endorsement will impact his career in the long run remains to be seen, as different sections of society hold diverse views on the role of artists in politics and the implications of such endorsements.

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