Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Who Is Holy Ten’s Wife – Kimberly Richard Biography | Real Name, Age, Education, Career, Family

Who Is Holy Ten’s Wife – Kimberly Richard Biography | Real Name, Age, Education, Career, Family

Who Is Holy Ten’s Wife – Kimberly Richard Biography | Real Name, Age, Education, Career, Family post thumbnail image

Holy Ten’s Wife – Kimberly Richard Biography


Kimberly Richard, also called Kimberly Richards erroneously, is a Zimbabwean model, video vixen, singer, and the wife of popular Zimbabwean rapper Holy Ten.


Real Name and Background

Holy Ten’s wife was born Kimberly Chigubu in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She grew up in KwaNtuthu Ziyathunqa, a suburb of Bulawayo.

In 2020, she decided to use her father’s first name, Richard, as part of her name when she opened her Instagram account and became Kimberly Richard.


Holy Ten’s Wife Kimberly Richard’s Age

Kimberly Richard Chigubu was born on September 21, 2001. This means that at the time of publishing in February 2024, is 22 years of age. However, Holy Ten’s wife, Kimberly Richard,  is turning 23 years old in September 2024.



Kimberly is the only daughter in a family of six. Her father’s name is Richard Chigubu. Details about her mother were unavailable at the time of publishing.  Kimberly is a mother to a son called Mukudzei Junior.

Mukudzei Junior was named after his father, Holy Ten, whose real is Mukudzei Chitsama.  The song “Mai Ju” (short for Mai Junior) by Holy Ten and Michael Magz was dedicated to her.


Kimberly attended several schools in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, for her primary and secondary education. These include SOS, Bulawayo Adventist School (BAS), and Townsend High School. At the time of writing, she was enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe as a Political Science and Diplomacy student.


Modelling And Video Vixen Career

[Image: Instagram/@phoenixmediazw]

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Kimberly Richard ventured into modelling after enrolling at the University of Zimbabwe. In 2020, she won the title of Miss UZ’s first princess and was voted the Most influential personality by popular vote.

She also landed her first role as a video vixen in Jah Prayzah’s music video for the song “Boi Boi,” which premiered on YouTube in July 2021.

Kimberly also appeared as a video vixen and made her singing debut on Holy Ten’s “Too Scared” track. The song received positive reviews, and her performance was hailed by many.


Kimberly Richard Music Career

Kimberly revealed that she had an interest in music from an early age and was a backing vocalist for some ladies from her church who were recording artists.

In an interview, she said

“I’ve always been a backing vocalist as I sang with some ladies at my church who were recording artists.

I’d help them out with backing vocals at the studio but never ventured into my own music. I can safely say that the song that I did with Holy was my first song.

“However, I started singing when I was really young from primary school and never really thought that one day, I’d branch out and be an independent artist which I’m considering.

I hope that with time, I’m going to find myself and start recording music consistently.”


Kimberly Richard featured on 3 hit songs by her husband Holy Ten, namely “Too Scared”, “Banga” and “Ndotokuda.”


Kimberly Richard’s Music Videos

Holy Ten – Banga (Official Video) ft. Kimberley Richard (2024)

Holy Ten – Ndotokuda (Official Video) ft. Kimberley Richard (2024)

Holy Ten – Too Scared (Official Video) ft. Kimberley Richard (2023)

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Marriage To Holy Ten

In March 2023, Holy Ten and Kimberly were married in a traditional wedding ceremony. The rapper reportedly paid US$15,000 lobola for Kimberly Richard following intense speculation that she was pregnant. This news caused a media frenzy, and many people congratulated the couple on their union.

Holy Ten’s Wife Kimberly Richard’s Scandals

N1 Hotel Scandal

[Image Credit: Instagram/Punchstar Entertainment]

In 2022, when they were still dating, Kimberly Richard was accused of cheating on her future husband with Wilbert Muzaruwetu, a former student leader at the University of Zimbabwe.

The scandal erupted after pictures of Richard and Muzaruwetu on a date at the N1 Hotel in Harare went viral online. The photos were posted online by Muzaruwetu himself. The photos showed a key card for room 302 on the table, which led some to assume that they had more than lunch together.

Richard and Muzaruwetu had previously worked together on a student election campaign for ZICOSU, a rival union to ZINASU.

Richard denied the cheating allegations and said she and Holy Ten were still together despite the speculation.

Richard addressed the cheating allegations on August 2, 2022, on Zimcelebs’ Zc Podcast. She denied cheating on Holy Ten and insisted that she and Holy Ten were still together.



Meet Kimberly the songstress

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