Zimbabwe Profiles People Hwinza Lula Lula Singer Biography | Real Name | Divorce | Girlfriend | Controversies| Albums | Accident

Hwinza Lula Lula Singer Biography | Real Name | Divorce | Girlfriend | Controversies| Albums | Accident

Hwinza Lula Lula Singer Biography | Real Name | Divorce | Girlfriend | Controversies| Albums | Accident post thumbnail image

Hwinza Lula Lula Singer Biography | Real Name | Divorce | Girlfriend | Controversies| Albums | Accident

Hwinza is a Zimdancehall artist who skyrocketed to fame and captured the hearts of fans far and wide with his electrifying track “Lula Lula” which is also known as  “Sombonyo.”

Real Name

Hwinza’s real name is Simbarashe Alfred Magado.


In January 2021, Hwinza, who had been married for two years, experienced the painful end of his marriage when his wife, Millicent Chigwende, abruptly ended things. Chigwende reportedly gathered all her belongings and left their shared home.

Hwinza, deeply hurt by the situation, expressed his desire to have no further involvement with his ex-wife, given the emotional pain she had caused him.


In June 2023, Hwinza was dating a beautician Maloti Tsitsi.

Hwinza and Maloti Tsitsi (Image: Maloti Tsitsi /Instagram)

Career as a Musician

Hwinza gained widespread recognition thanks to his song “Sombonyo,” which initially gained traction on social media as a spontaneous studio freestyle. Subsequently, he proceeded to officially record the song at Chillspot Records.


In 2020, fellow Zimdancehall musician Jah Master accused Hwinza of stealing the hit song “Sombonyo,” claiming it was originally his creation.

During an interview on ZiFM Stereo, Jah Master expressed his disappointment, stating that the song was altered slightly and released without his consent. He attributed this situation to his inadequate marketing strategies, which allowed someone else to seize the opportunity and record his song at a different studio.

However, Hwinza swiftly refuted these claims, dismissing Jah Master’s statement as an attempt to gain recognition through controversy. He confidently asserted that he invested considerable time and effort into writing and composing the song.

According to Hwinza, Jah Master’s motive behind these allegations stemmed from a desire to make a name for himself by creating a buzz.

Hwinza raised valid questions to counter Jah Master’s claim, asking why the song only gained popularity and recognition after he performed it. Furthermore, Hwinza pointed out that prior to his rendition, the song remained relatively unknown to the public.


In December 2020, Hwinza was in a bus accident while returning home from Capetown, South Africa. Fortunately, he survived the crash with only minor injuries.

Hwinza’s Relationship With Tsitsi Maloti

Hwinza’s romantic life made headlines following his divorce from Millicent Chigwende in January 2021. In June 2023, it was revealed that Hwinza was in a relationship with Maloti Tsitsi, a beautician known for her skills in the beauty industry and a mother to her son, Namatai. Tsitsi celebrated her 24th birthday earlier in the year, which coincided with news of their relationship becoming public. While not much is known about their relationship dynamics, social media reactions ranged from curiosity to support for the couple.

However, their relationship later faced a series of controversies. Allegations of car smashing and violence emerged, with Malloti accusing Hwinza of damaging a vehicle and being involved in violent incidents. It was also claimed that Hwinza had been held in police custody prior to an interview. These allegations put a strain on their relationship, leaving fans questioning the reasons behind their breakup.

During an interview, Hwinza was asked about his future plans with Malloti, and his response was unclear and hesitant, further fueling speculation about the state of their relationship. Despite the intense discussions and debates surrounding their relationship, Hwinza chose to remain silent and refrained from commenting on the matter.



  • Sorojena (2022)


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