Zimbabwe Profiles People Jah Signal Biography | Real Name | Age | Wife | Song Removal On Youtube | Career as a Musician | Albums

Jah Signal Biography | Real Name | Age | Wife | Song Removal On Youtube | Career as a Musician | Albums

Jah Signal Biography | Real Name | Age | Wife | Song Removal On Youtube | Career as a Musician | Albums post thumbnail image

Jah Signal Biography | Real Name | Age | Wife | Song Removal On Youtube | Career as a Musician | Albums

Jah Signal is a Zimdancehall musician who became a household name thanks to his chart-topping song “Sweetie (Shinga Muroora).

Real Name

Jah Signal’s real name is Nicodimus Mutize.


Jah Signal’s mother would get used paper towels from hotels, straighten them out, remake paper rolls and sell them to people in their community to make ends meet.

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He was previously married to Perpe “Presh” Dlowayo, but their marriage lasted only six months before they got divorced. Presh and Jah Signal have a child together. She also stated that during their marriage, Jah Signal was involved with 15 other women, which ultimately led to the breakdown of their relationship.

Moreover, Presh revealed that Jah Signal contracted a sexually transmitted infection during that time, making her uncomfortable and unwilling to continue their intimate relationship.

However, when confronted with these allegations, Jah Signal neither confirmed nor denied them. He mentioned that many things tend to surface after a breakup, implying that some claims might be distorted or exaggerated.

During their marriage, Presh stayed with Jah Signal and his family in Budiriro, where he engaged in questionable behaviour. Despite trying to salvage their relationship, Presh couldn’t bear the continuous cheating and decided to call it quits.

Jah Signal Surprises Wife with Lavish Range Rover Gift

Jah Signal Biography | Real Name | Age | Wife | Song Removal On Youtube | Career as a Musician | Albums


Jah Signal, recently took to social media to announce a heartwarming gesture – gifting his wife a luxurious Range Rover. Expressing deep love for his life partner, Jah Signal, known for his infectious music, referred to her endearingly as “my rib.” The extravagant present follows the artist’s announcement of their pregnancy in November 2023, making the car a notable push present after the birth of their child. This move aligns with a growing trend among Zimbabwean artists showcasing personal success and achievements, with Jah Signal joining the likes of Michael Magz and Enzo Ishall in flaunting luxury car acquisitions. Fans celebrated the news, flooding social media with congratulatory messages for Jah Signal and his wife, affectionately known as “Mai Nicky.

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Jah Signal’s “Sweetie” Removed from YouTube Due to Copyright Dispute

Jah Signal, the Zimdancehall sensation, faces a copyright debacle as his hit song “Sweetie” released in 2018 is unexpectedly pulled from YouTube in February 2024. The copyright infringement claim, filed by Pastor Charles Charamba and Fishers of Men, alleges that “Sweetie” is a remix of Charamba’s gospel song “Kana Vanhu Vangu.”

The dispute dates back to 2019 when Jah Signal, a fan of Charamba’s music, sought consent to record the remix but received no response. Despite the lack of approval, Jah Signal released the song, leading to a copyright violation claim from Pastor Charamba.

In an exclusive interview, Charamba expressed dissatisfaction, citing the blasphemous nature of “Sweetie’s” lyrical content. The disagreement highlights the importance of seeking permission and adhering to morality in music creation, according to Charamba, who views the remix as a deviation from the original Christian message.

The removal of “Sweetie” from YouTube has sparked discussions on social media, with fans expressing various views. The incident underscores the consequences of copyright violations on platforms like YouTube, affecting an artist’s ability to monetize their work and potentially leading to account termination.

While copyright disputes are not uncommon globally, they emphasize the need for musicians to navigate fair use limitations and seek proper authorization to avoid legal consequences. Jah Signal’s unexpected clash with the Charambas sheds light on the complexities of remixing and the legal challenges artists face in the digital age.

 Fans Reaction

Fans took to social media to share their views on the matter, with some expressing disappointment in Jah Signal’s alleged lack of professionalism and others suggesting that the issue could have been resolved amicably. The removal of the song from YouTube could potentially impact Jah Signal’s ability to monetize his work and face restrictions on live streaming.

Jah Signal Albums

  • Jaya(2018)
  • Zvakarongeka (2022)


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