Zimbabwe Profiles People Lorraine Guyo Biography: Age & Date of Birth, Early Life, Viral Video, Rise To Stardom, Arrest for Fraud, Dismissal of Charges

Lorraine Guyo Biography: Age & Date of Birth, Early Life, Viral Video, Rise To Stardom, Arrest for Fraud, Dismissal of Charges

Lorraine Guyo Biography:  Age & Date of Birth, Early Life, Viral Video, Rise To Stardom, Arrest for Fraud, Dismissal of Charges post thumbnail image

Lorraine Guyo is a social media influencer, comedian, and businesswoman based in Harare. She is popular for her skits on Facebook and Youtube where she calls herself Chihera Lolo.

Lorraine Guyo Personal Information

Full Name: Lorraine Guyo

Date of Birth: 23 February 1994 (29years)

Stage Name: Chihera Lolo

Skits Channel: Marriage Diaries

Place Of Birth: Bikita. Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Lives In: Harare

Years active: 2019 – Present

Early Life and Family of Lorraine Guyo

Lorraine Guyo, her mom and brother-Image Source(Instagram)

Lorraine Guyo, her mom and brother-Image Source(Instagram)

The comedian was born in Bikita in the province of Masvingo in Zimbabwe. she likes to call herself a village girl as she lived in the rural areas for most of her life. Not a lot is known about her parents except that they are late and they died when she was young. Lorraine has one younger sibling, a brother who she now is a guardian of.

Guyo and her brother lived with their grandparents after the death of their parents. The actress’s level of education is not yet known. She moved to Harare for work when she got a job at Rainbow Towers Hotel.

Lorraine Guyo’s Rise to Stardom

In February 2019 when Lorraine was still working at the Rainbow Towers Hotel, she posted a video of herself on the internet asking men to ask her out before Valentine’s day. In the video, she said ‘Ndinyengeiwo’ which means ask me out.

Watch the viral video below:

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The video went viral and earned her the nickname Ndinyengeiwo on social media. The hotel then fired Lorraine because of the viral video which was met with outrage from the public. A petition was signed by many people to have her reinstated at the hotel. Lorraine attracted a lot of pity from celebrities and brands that offered to work with her and make her a skit actress.

Later that same month, Lorraine Guyo quit her job at the Rainbow Towers Hotel because her career as an influencer and a comedian was starting to flourish.

Brands Lorraine has worked with

As her following rose and she became a well-known personality in the country brands started working with her as their ambassador. Lorraine has worked with Jan Jam, Steward Bank, Chicken Inn, World Remit, and many more.

Guyo’s business

Lorraine Guyo at her shop-Image Source(Instagram)

Lorraine Guyo at her shop-Image Source(Instagram)

Lorraine Guyo has ventured into buying and selling hair and now owns her own hair shop. The shop is called Braid and Weave Nation and it sells synthetic hair extensions. Celebrities like Mai Titi, Madam Boss, Beverly Sibanda and many more have proudly supported her business publicly.

Lorraine Guyo’s acting career

Besides the skits that she usually does with musician Peter Dhewa Moyo, Lorraine has landed herself roles as an actress. She got a minor role in a Netflix feature film called The Bad Bishop that was released in 2021.

Lorraine Guyo’s Love Life

Before she became famous no one knows who Lorraine was dating. After she became famous Guyo started dating Facebook celebrity Thomas Chizhanje who later was rumored to have allegedly stolen money from Lorraine. On Facebook, Guyo claimed that Thomas had played with her, stolen her money, and left her with an STI.

Lorraine Guyo's Valentine's gift-Image Source(Instagram)

Lorraine Guyo’s Valentine’s gift-Image Source(Instagram)

Despite all these accusations, Thomas Chizhanje poured cold water on them and said everything they did was consensual. Ever since then, Lorraine Guyo has not gone public with who she is dating. However on Valentine’s Day this year, she took to Facebook to brag about a car her boyfriend had bought her. The identity of the mystery man is yet to be revealed.

Past Scandals

Lorraine is no stranger to trending on the internet and she has had her fair share of scandals. Guyo has been trolled because of her bad English on the internet a lot of times. The comedian has also had a public birthday party disaster where she booked a place she could not afford and asked fans to buy tickets. The party flopped and Lorraine was left publicly embarrassed.


Lorraine Guyo’s Arrest For Fraud & Dismissal Of Charges


In August 2023, Lorraine Guyo was briefly involved in a legal matter when she was arrested and initially charged with fraud. The allegations stemmed from accusations that she had sold a car and subsequently employed hired individuals to reclaim the vehicle forcefully.

However, following her appearance at the Harare Magistrates’ Court to address these charges, Lorraine Guyo’s situation took a positive turn. The state decided against prosecuting her, leading to the dismissal of all charges. The prosecution cited a lack of evidence as the reason for this decision.

As a result, Lorraine Guyo was unconditionally released from custody, and the car that had been at the centre of the fraud allegations was returned to her.






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