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Marondera: A Comprehensive Guide to Zimbabwe’s Historic Town

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Exploring Marondera: Unveiling Zimbabwe’s Historic Gem

Marondera, nestled in the heart of Zimbabwe, exudes a unique charm with its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant community life. Whether you’re a local resident or a curious traveler, exploring Marondera unveils a tapestry of culture, nature, and heritage. From its weather patterns to its educational institutions, this article delves deep into the essence of Marondera, offering insights and practical information for all.


The Weather in Marondera

Marondera, located on the highveld plateau, experiences a subtropical highland climate. The city boasts a sunny climate, marked by warm to hot days with afternoon thundershowers and cool evenings during the summer months (October to April). In contrast, the winter months (May to September) are characterized by dry, sunny days followed by cold nights. The city’s elevated position ensures generally mild temperatures, with an average maximum daytime temperature of 25.6 °C (78.1 °F) in January, dropping to around 16 °C (61 °F) in June.

Winter stands out as the sunniest time of the year, featuring mild days and cool nights, with temperatures reaching as low as 5 °C (39.4 °F) in June and July. Frost occasionally occurs at night when temperatures drop below freezing.

During winter, Marondera experiences the passage of regular cold fronts, bringing cool southeasterly winds and overcast skies. The city receives an annual average rainfall of 850 millimeters, mainly concentrated in the summer months. Infrequent showers may occur throughout the year, particularly in spring.

Location and GPS Coordinates of Marondera

Marondera is situated in Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe, approximately 72 kilometers east of the capital city, Harare. The town’s geographical coordinates are approximately 18.1911° S latitude and 31.5497° E longitude.

History of Marondera : From Rest Stop to Thriving Hub:

Marondera’s rich history is etched in its very name. Originally named Marandellas after Chief Marondera, a Shona leader, the town began in 1890 as a simple rest stop for travelers on the road between Harare and Mutare. Destroyed during the First Chimurenga (Shona resistance) and relocated, it later blossomed into a bustling center for agriculture and transportation. Today, Marondera serves as the provincial capital of Mashonaland East, housing government offices, a diverse business community, and a thriving educational sector.

Marondera: A Comprehensive Guide to Zimbabwe's Historic Town

[Image Credit: Marondera Municipality]

Size & Population of Marondera

With an area spanning approximately 17 square kilometers, Marondera is a modest-sized town nestled amidst vast farmlands and rolling hills. According to recent census data, the population of Marondera stands at around 85,000 residents, reflecting its status as a bustling urban center within Mashonaland East Province.

Distance from Harare City Centre to Marondera

Marondera lies approximately 72 kilometers east of Harare’s city center, making it easily accessible by road. Travelers can embark on a scenic journey along well-maintained highways, offering picturesque views of the Zimbabwean countryside.

How many hours to travel from Harare to Marondera

The journey from Harare to Marondera typically takes around 90 minutes to 2 hours by car, depending on traffic conditions and route preferences. Travelers can opt for the Harare-Mutare Highway (A3) or alternative routes for a comfortable and convenient commute.

Distance from Marondera to Mutare

Marondera is located approximately 244 kilometers southwest of Mutare, a vibrant city in eastern Zimbabwe. Travelers can embark on an exhilarating road trip, traversing diverse landscapes and experiencing the cultural richness of Zimbabwe’s eastern region.

Travel time from Marondera to Mutare

The journey from Marondera to Mutare entails a scenic drive spanning approximately 4 to 5 hours, offering travelers an opportunity to explore the breathtaking vistas and cultural landmarks along the route.

Marondera Town Council Contact Details

For inquiries and assistance regarding municipal services, residents and visitors can contact the Marondera Town Council:

Marondera Town Council Address: Corner 2nd Street and Baker Avenue, Marondera

Phone: +263 279 2322

Email: info@maronderatc.co.zw

Schools in Marondera

Marondera boasts a diverse array of educational institutions, catering to the academic needs of its residents. Notable schools in the area include:

  • Bernard Mizeki College
  • Marondera High School
  • Peterhouse Boys’ School
  • Peterhouse Girls’ School
  • Ruzawi School
  • Springvale House
  • Waddilove High School
  • Watershed College
  • Nyameni High School
  • Nagle House Girls High School
  • Godfrey Huggins Primary School
  • Cherutombo High School
  • Ruzawi School
  • Peterhouse group of schools

Colleges and Universities in or near Marondera

Marondera is home to a variety of educational institutions, both private and public. These include

  • Kushinga Phikelela Polytechnic situated to the east along the Harare-Mutare road
  • Marondera University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (MUAST), and
  • The Umaa Institute.

Lodges In or near Marondera

Travelers seeking comfortable accommodations in Marondera can explore various lodges and guesthouses, including:

  • HopeFay Conference Centre
  • Zambezi Lodge
  • M&M Lodge
  • Ruzawi Lodges
  • Makewhe Lodge
  • 20-19 Center (Lodge)
  • Kent House (Hostel)
  • Kugara Guesthouse
  • Hampshire House (Hostel)
  • Mugadzaweta Homestead
  • PennyGum Perch (Hotel)
  • Zambesi Holidays Centre (Resort Hotel)
  • Imire Lodge

Things to do in Marondera

Marondera offers a plethora of recreational activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Some notable highlights include:

  1. Marondera Golf Club: Tee off at this scenic golf course nestled amidst lush landscapes.
  2. Raintree Venue & Activities: Embark on thrilling outdoor adventures, including horse riding and zip-lining.
  3. Thornpark Dam: Enjoy serene picnics and fishing expeditions at this picturesque dam.


  • Marondera was previously known as Marandellas during the colonial era.
  • The town is named after Chief Marondera, a revered local leader.
  • Marondera is renowned for its vibrant agricultural sector, producing crops such as tobacco, maize, and citrus fruits.
  • The first black mayor of Marondera was T. K. Muronda in 1980


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