Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Platinum Prince Biography| Real Name, Background, Music Career, Discography, Controversies, Abduction, Diesel Tanker Heist

Platinum Prince Biography| Real Name, Background, Music Career, Discography, Controversies, Abduction, Diesel Tanker Heist

Platinum Prince Biography| Real Name, Background, Music Career, Discography, Controversies, Abduction, Diesel Tanker Heist post thumbnail image

Platinum Prince Biography| Real Name, Background, Music Career, Discography, Controversies, Abduction, Diesel Tanker Heist

Platinum Prince is a controversial Zimdancehall musician whose artistry has sparked both acclaim and controversy in equal measure.

With his unapologetic style and daring lyrics, he has become a prominent figure in the Zimdancehall genre. From his breakout hit “Hazviite” on the iconic Bodyslam Riddim to the thought-provoking track “Waivepi,” Platinum Prince has garnered attention for pushing boundaries and igniting conversations.

His electrifying performances and unique sound have captivated audiences, establishing him as a notable presence in Zimbabwe’s music industry.

Platinum Prince Biography

Platinum Prince (Image Credit: Facebook/Platinumprince Ndururani)

Real Name

Ian Makiwa


Platinum Prince hails from Bindura in the Mashonaland Central Province of Zimbabwe. He received his education at Bradley Institute, located in Bindura.

Music Career

Platinum Prince is a Zimdancehall musician who has gained notoriety for his controversial style. He entered the music scene with his debut track titled “Madam,” which he featured Dj Levelz from Chill Spot Records. However, it was his hit song “Hazviite,” performed over the popular Bodyslam Riddim, that propelled him to fame.

During his early career, Platinum Prince predominantly worked with Bodyslam Records, a renowned studio based in Highfield, which provided him with valuable exposure and opportunities to showcase his talent on award-winning riddims like Bodyslam.

Platinum Prince’s lyrical content often sparks controversy, earning him a reputation in the industry. In August 2015, he released a song about Robert Mugabe, which sparked widespread discussion on social media. His thought-provoking and provocative lyrics continue to make him a notable figure in the Zimdancehall genre.


Here are some of Platinum Prince’s notable songs and singles:

  1. Hazviite” (Bodyslam Riddim)
  2. “Waivepi” (Black Spot Riddim, 2015)
  3. “Madzibaba” (Judgment Yard Riddim)
  4. “Ndiani”
  5. “Mona Wandigarira”
  6. “Ndirikukusuwa Baby”
  7. “Ndururani”
  8. “Batai Munhu”
  9. “Ndimoshamisa soo”
  10. “Hanzi”
  11. Unotoshaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei
  12.  “Handinyare”
  13. “Wakabatana”

These songs showcase Platinum Prince’s diverse musical style and lyrical themes.


Platinum Prince, the enigmatic musician, has garnered a reputation as a highly controversial figure in the music industry. Known for his provocative lyrics and audacious performances, he has repeatedly found himself at the center of heated debates and public scrutiny.

In 2014, Platinum Prince stirred up controversy when he released a song containing controversial lyrics that some believed were connected to satanism. The song, titled “Ndinoshamisa soo,” featured peculiar lyrics suggesting his association with supernatural powers and superstitions. However, he vehemently denied these allegations, asserting that he was a devout Christian.

Later that year, Platinum Prince found himself in another predicament when he was reportedly assaulted by Killer T due to his provocative lyrics. The diss track called “Hanzi” targeted several artists, including Killer T, and was deemed offensive.

In August 2015, Platinum Prince released a song titled “Baba vaBona,” which took a satirical approach towards President Robert Mugabe. In the song Platinum Prince chided the late President Robert Mugabe for his failure to address the socio-economic ills bedevilling the country.
He also challenged the late president to visit the populous Chitungwiza town and come face to face with the decay of social service infrastructure.

The lyrics went as follows:

Ndeipi yenyu Baba vaBona, ndanzwa vanhu vachiseka kuti makadonha, havana kukwana hapana chinosekesa, takatarisa pavakadonha imimi penyupashoma. Ndeipi President ndamboti ndikumhoresei, murisei President? Ndine nyaya nezvichemo” (How are you, Bona’s father? I heard people laughing, claiming you fell down. But if we consider the number of times they themselves have stumbled, your falls are insignificant. I have matters and grievances to discuss with you)


In a harrowing incident that shook the music industry, Platinum Prince endured a brutal assault after being abducted in Harare in October 2019. Emerging reports detailed the horrifying ordeal, revealing that he had recently arrived in Harare from South Africa and was being driven from the airport when the attack took place.

Speculation surrounding the motive behind the assault swirled, with certain accounts suggesting a political undercurrent due to Platinum Prince’s September release titled “Ndiyo Yacho Here Iyi Mr President.”

The song’s content sparked intense discussions, and some sources alleged a potential connection between the assault and the politically charged lyrics.

Diesel Tanker Heist

Platinum Prince was recently involved in a botched diesel tanker heist in South Africa. He was reportedly caught red-handed attempting to hijack a diesel tanker in South Africa. He was beaten to a pulp and apprehended by witnesses.

The incident is currently under investigation by law enforcement agencies, and the full extent of Platinum Prince’s involvement is yet to be determined.

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