Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Tatenda Mavetera Biography & Profile| Age, Education, Qualifications, Studio 263, Husband, Minister

Tatenda Mavetera Biography & Profile| Age, Education, Qualifications, Studio 263, Husband, Minister

Tatenda Mavetera Biography & Profile| Age, Education, Qualifications, Studio 263, Husband, Minister post thumbnail image
Tatenda Mavetera Biography


Tatenda Annastacia Mavetera is a multifaceted Zimbabwean individual known for her roles in the entertainment industry, her contributions to farming, and her involvement in politics.  She is a member of Parliament for the ruling Zanu PF party an is also  Zimbabwe’s Minister of Information Communication Technology. She has risen to prominence through her diverse career pursuits, gaining recognition both nationally and internationally.  This biography explores Tatenda Mavetera’s life.


How Old Is Tatenda Mavetera?

She was born on May 26, 1986, in Zimbabwe which means that as of 2023, she is 37 years old.


Early Life and Education

Tatenda Mavetera grew up in a humble Christian family in Gweru, Zimbabwe. She completed her primary education at Riverside Primary School and later attended Nashville High School both in Gweru. Her academic journey continued with A’ Levels at Denmark College.

Tatenda Mavetera’s Qualifications

Mavetera’s commitment to education is reflected in her pursuit of higher degrees, including a Masters Degree in Strategic Marketing from Midlands State University and a BSc Management/Marketing Degree from Women’s University in Africa. In 2019, she embarked on doctoral studies in Business Leadership, showcasing her dedication to lifelong learning.

Tatenda Mavetera Biography

Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT Tatenda Mavetera at the opening of Parliament [Image Credit: Facebook/Tatenda Mavetera]

Career in Entertainment and Studio 263

Tatenda Mavetera’s entertainment career began with a role in Zimbabwe’s first soap opera, Studio 263. She portrayed the role of the character ‘Tendai Jari,’ captivating audiences with her acting skills. Her talent was duly recognized when she received the Best Actress award at the National Arts Merit Awards in 2003.

Following her success in acting, Mavetera ventured into hosting a talk show titled “Timeout with Tatenda” in 2005. The show delved into various topics affecting people’s daily lives, providing a platform for discussions and solutions.

Transition to Politics

In 2018, Tatenda Mavetera made a significant transition into the realm of politics. She was elected as a Member of Parliament for the Chikomba West constituency in the 2023 Elections. Her political journey led her to join the Zanu-PF party, where she quickly rose through the ranks. She became the Provincial Secretary for Indigenization, displaying her commitment to serving her community and the nation.

Role as an ICT Minister

Tatenda Mavetera’s political career reached new heights when she was appointed as Zimbabwe’s Minister of Information Communication Technology (ICT), Postal and Courier Services by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2023. However, her tenure as ICT Minister was marred by a plagiarism scandal when she used a quote by Bill Gates in her social media post without proper attribution. This incident raised questions about her qualifications for the role.

Contributions to Farming and Youth Empowerment

Apart from her roles in entertainment and politics, Tatenda Mavetera is a dedicated businesswoman and farmer. She is a founding member of the Federation for Young Farmers Clubs in Zimbabwe Trust (FYFCZT). Her commitment to agriculture reflects her passion for empowering Zimbabwe’s youth and promoting best farming practices.

Role in Parliament

Tatenda Mavetera is not just an ordinary legislator; she holds an influential position as part of the Speakers Panel in Parliament. This role allows her to act as an assistant Speaker and chair parliamentary proceedings when the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament are absent.

Personal Life and Husband

Tatenda Mavetera is married to Edmore, and the couple has two children, Dariene and Daniel.


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