Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Juliet Kadungure Biography & Profile| Ginimbi’s Sister, Family Background, Accident 

Juliet Kadungure Biography & Profile| Ginimbi’s Sister, Family Background, Accident 

Juliet Kadungure Biography & Profile| Ginimbi’s Sister, Family Background, Accident  post thumbnail image

Juliet Kadungure Biography

Juliet Kadungure  Buto, the sister of the late Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, was a member of the Kadungure family who tragically passed away in October 2023 . Her untimely death sent shockwaves through her family and the community, as it occurred on a day that would have marked Ginimbi’s 39th birthday.

Age & Date of Birth

Juliet Kadungure’s date of birth and age at the time of her passing were not available in the publicly available information.

Family Background

Juliet Kadungure was the eldest sibling in the Kadungure family, followed by Genius, the late Andrew (who passed away in 2019), and the youngest, Nelia Kadungure. Nelia is now the sole surviving sibling following the tragic deaths of her three older siblings.

Juliet Kadungure and her siblings were born to Anderson Kadungure and Juliana Kadungure. Unfortunately, their mother Juliana passed away in January 2020, following a battle with cancer.

This means that out of the original family of 6, only two family members are still standing as of October 2023: the father, Anderson Kadungure and the last born Nelia Kadungure.


Juliet Kaungure Buto Biography

Juliet Kadungure [Image Credit: Facebook/Juliet Kadungure]

Fatal Bus Accident

Juliet Kadungure’s life was cut short in a tragic accident that took place during her journey back from Tanzania. The circumstances surrounding the accident remain unclear, leaving many questions unanswered. This incident occurred on  Ginimbi’s birthday, which was on the 10th of October 2023.

The timing of Juliet Kadungure’s untimely demise held an eerie coincidence, as it occurred on what would have been Ginimbi’s 39th birthday. This was a devastating blow for the Kadungure family, especially since Ginimbi had also lost his life in a horrific car accident in November 2020.

A heart-rending video circulated on social media, purportedly showing Juliet’s last moments before the accident. In the video, an injured woman, believed to be Juliet, is seen lying near the bus wreckage, with her face stained with blood.

She was heard saying, “Baba D ndakufa panapa, bus raita accident” (Baba, I’m dying here, the bus has had an accident) before the video abruptly ends. This heartbreaking video left viewers haunted by the harrowing ordeal Juliet faced.

The news of Juliet Kadungure’s tragic accident and the emergence of the heart-rending video have stirred profound sorrow and compassion among many, with a multitude of people extending their condolences to the grieving family.


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