Zimbabwe Profiles People Mbida Dee Biography: Early Life | Rise To Fame | Controversies

Mbida Dee Biography: Early Life | Rise To Fame | Controversies

Mbida Dee Biography: Early Life | Rise To Fame | Controversies post thumbnail image

This is the biography of Mbida Dee, the stage name of Gift Zimbita, a Zimdancehall artist known for his creative chants and spontaneous freestyle rhyming.


Rise To Fame

Mbida Dee rose to prominence in 2021 when he freestyled using fellow workers’ names at his uncle’s farm in Botswana. Mbida would pick each person’s name and create a catchy line explaining what the person was doing.

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Mbida Dee Music Career

Prominent Zimdancehall producer DJ Fantan tracked him and invited the musician to Chillspot Recordz. They recorded music, and he has since established his name as one of the most talented musicians in the waning genre.


Mbida Dee Biography

Mbida Dee Biography [Image: YouTube]


Some of Mbida Dee’s songs include Begin To Start, Hazvidi Makwikwi and Ndauya. Mbida Dee’s music style is a fusion of dancehall, reggae, and African rhythms, with lyrics that often focus on social issues, love, and everyday life. He has also collaborated with other prominent Zimdancehall artists.

Mbida Dee sometimes goes around Harare’s suburbs singing and freestyling for jubilant fans.

In 2023, Mbida Dee won the National Cup Clash and became the Zimdancehall king.


Mbida Dee Biography

Mbida Dee Biography [Image: Tafadzwa Mudaiswa/Facebook]


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Mbida Dee Controversies

Apart from his music, Mbida Dee has made headlines for his controversial statements and actions, including his recent arrest for alleged fraud. Despite this, he remains a beloved figure in the Zimdancehall scene and a role model for many young artists.

He allegedly failed to perform at a bar in Dzivarasekwa despite receiving a deposit from patrons.

Mbida Dee’s music and persona have made a significant impact on the Zimdancehall genre and Zimbabwean music as a whole, and he continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.




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