Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People R. Peels Biography| Real Name, Age, Early Life, Riky Rick Death Controversy, Music Career, Kae Chaps Beef

R. Peels Biography| Real Name, Age, Early Life, Riky Rick Death Controversy, Music Career, Kae Chaps Beef

R. Peels Biography| Real Name, Age, Early Life, Riky Rick Death Controversy, Music Career, Kae Chaps  Beef post thumbnail image

R. Peels Biography

R. Peels, born Tanaka Bruce Mungoyo in 1994, is a prominent Zimbabwean hip-hop artist based in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is known for his contributions to the hip-hop scene in Zimbabwe, his passion for music, and his dedication to staying true to his artistic vision.


Real Name

R. Peels’s real age is Tanaka Bruce Mungonyo.


R. Peels was born in 1994, meaning he is 29 years old as of 2023.

Early Life and Inspirations

R. Peels hails from the suburb of Warren Park in Harare, Zimbabwe. From a young age, he was deeply inspired by the music of US rapper and business mogul, Sean “Jay Z” Carter. This inspiration led him to pursue a career in hip-hop and poetry. R. Peels is the eldest of six siblings, and he was fortunate to have parents who supported his dream of becoming a rapper. They even offered to send him to school to study music, providing him with a unique edge in the competitive world of rap.

R. Peels

[Image Credit: Facebook/R. Peels]

Artistic Style

R. Peels is recognized for his music that reflects real-life situations, often drawing from personal experiences. He takes pride in his authenticity and originality as an artist, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself in the music industry.

Career Highlights

  • In recent years, R. Peels released a mixtape titled “Pyronomia Flame,” which he described as a collection of experimental songs exploring his artistic identity. The mixtape garnered attention and was distributed both on CDs and as a free download on the internet.
  • R. Peels has not only excelled in his music career but has also performed well academically. He continues to balance his studies with his passion for music, demonstrating a commitment to both fields.
  • He has actively advocated for the improvement of the Zimbabwean hip-hop scene, criticizing the media for focusing too much on party-centric aspects of the genre. R. Peels envisions a future where Zimbabwean hip-hop artists create music that addresses real-life issues and is characterized by high-quality production.
  • R. Peels has also ventured into music videos, releasing one for his single “Lonely With You,” showcasing his dedication to visual storytelling as well.

Current Focus

As R. Peels plans to have a long and enduring music career, he is currently working on releasing singles, with no immediate plans for a mixtape or album. He encourages fellow rappers to prioritize making “real music” and aims to appeal to a global audience with his unique sound.

Awards and Nominations

R. Peels has received recognition for his contributions to Zimbabwean hip-hop and has been nominated multiple times for the Zim Hip Hop Awards. His dedication to his craft and his passion for authentic storytelling continue to shape his journey in the music industry.


Controversial Twitter Remarks About Office Workers

In March 2021, R. Peels stirred social media controversy when he took to Twitter to express his views on the income potential of artists compared to office workers. In a tweet, he stated that artists could potentially earn more from their work than those working conventional 9 am to 5 pm jobs.

“Dear Artists, 500 fans who buy your album for 5dollars is 500X5 2500Us$, that’s More than most these in office losers salaries,” R-Peels wrote.

This tweet led to a significant backlash from the Twitter community, with many users criticizing his statements as reckless, especially considering that some of his fans were office workers. Some argued that his math was flawed, and others questioned the practicality of his claims. However, there were also those who saw this as a marketing strategy to gain attention and followers for his music.

R. Peels’ “Girlfriend” Bertha’s Viral US$50 Scandal With Robert Mugabe Junior

R. Peels was sucked into a scandal where a woman named Bertha, whom people alleged was his girlfriend, was involved in an altercation with Robert Mugabe Junior over a US$50 payment following a sleepover. R. Peels denied the allegations and stated that Bertha was not his girlfriend.  He insisted that Bertha was only featured as a model on his album cover, and their association was purely professional. This incident caused a significant stir on social media.

Beef with Kae Chaps

R. Peels was involved in a public feud with singer Kae Chaps, which escalated to the release of diss tracks. Kae Chaps dissed R. Peels on his verse of the hit song “Ihulumende,” referring to him as if he were an illegitimate child looking for a father. The feud between the two artists began when Kae Chaps refused to feature on one of R. Peels’ songs, leading to a fallout and public exchanges on social media.

R. Peels’ Comments Over Riky Rick’s Death

R. Peels found himself embroiled in controversy due to comments he made about mental health and depression following the tragic suicide of South African artist Riky Rick. This controversy, which unfolded on social media platforms and in the press, stirred significant public debate and led to both backlash and calls for accountability.

The Context

The controversy surrounding R. Peels began when he took to his social media platforms to express his views on mental health issues in the wake of Riky Rick’s suicide in February 2022. Riky Rick, a highly respected South African rapper and producer, had been open about his struggles with depression, and his passing sent shockwaves through the music industry.

R. Peels’ Comments

In his initial social media posts, R. Peels appeared to downplay the significance of depression and mental health concerns. He questioned the sincerity of artists who openly discussed their mental health struggles, suggesting that some may seek attention or use these issues as a marketing tactic.  He wrote,

“Mahn, R.I.P Ricky Rick. But personally don’t respect a man who kills himself. What kind of an example do you set for the youth…it’s people who are homeless, people who are disabled, people with H.I.V, hopeful ,striving, fighting, a millionaire should know he has been very blessed”

Public Backlash

R. Peels’ comments were met with swift and widespread condemnation from both fans and fellow artists. Many criticized him for his insensitivity and lack of understanding about the complex and often debilitating nature of mental health conditions. The backlash against him was particularly intense on social media, with numerous users expressing their disappointment and anger at his comments.

Apology and Clarification

Realizing the gravity of the situation and the harm his comments had caused, R. Peels issued a public apology. In his apology statement, he acknowledged that he had spoken without a full understanding of the depth of mental health issues and the pain they can cause. He expressed regret for his remarks and conveyed his support for individuals struggling with mental health challenges.

I’d like to publicly apologise about the comment I made on Ricky Ricks Death. I was wrong to make an emotional judgment. Mental illness and depression are a serious disease that I need to be educated about. Forgive me for being insensitive & disrespectful during his funeral


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