Zimbabwe Profiles People Ricky Fire Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Personal Life 

Ricky Fire Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Personal Life 

Ricky Fire Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Personal Life  post thumbnail image

This is the biography of Ricky Fire, a Zimbabwean Zimdancehall singer and artist who has made a name for himself in the music industry with his catchy songs and big chants. He is known for his energetic performances and his fusion of reggae and dancehall.


Early Life

Ricky Fire was born as Tulani Taurai Takavada on August 2, 1984 in Chitungwiza. He grew up listening to Capleton, Sizzler and Antony B among other artists. This is where he drew his inspiration from and has now built a big name for himself. He attended Dora High School in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

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Ricky Fire Music Career

Ricky Fire Biography

Ricky Fire Biography [Image: Facebook]


He began to show off his interests for music in the late 90s and early 2000s. In 2002, he made his debut in the music industry. He rose to fame with songs like Mbudzi Huku Mombe, Zvemu Tv, Sei Wada Ini feature Angel P, Ndiratidze Zvaunoita, Ka Mwana Kari Kuvharisa pa Gheto and Kumba Kuno Uya Kuno. Ricky Fire is also known for his big chants such as “Ooh nono its Ricky fire the fire president you see me”, “There is no danger” and “ma years ma years”. Ricky fire was also endorsed in one of the biggest ever hit in history of Zim-dancehall (Dissappear song from winky D – Where winky D said “ma problems ese ndamapisa nemoto sa fire president Thulani”). He has released two albums: Seven Seals (2016) and There is no Danger (2013).

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Ricky Fire Personal Life

Ricky Fire was married to Nokuthula Pukane, who was also his manager, for two years. They got divorced in 2017 after his affair with Hazel Dzama was exposed. He denied the allegations of cheating, but Nokuthula packed her bags and left him.  has not remarried since then. He has two children that he usually posts on his social media accounts.


Ricky Fire Biography

Ricky Fire Biography [Image: Facebook]


In 2022, Ricky Fire performed at almost all CCC rallies in the run up to the March by-elections. He started getting threats from faceless Facebook profiles for associating with the opposition.

In 2023, Ricky Fire appeared in a video having lunch with President Mnangagwa’s son and fellow artists. The event was to plan for a ZANU PF celebration. Ricky Fire has since distanced himself from politics.



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