Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Robert Mugabe Jnr Biography | Age, Education, Career, Personal Life 

Robert Mugabe Jnr Biography | Age, Education, Career, Personal Life 

Robert Mugabe Jnr Biography | Age, Education, Career, Personal Life  post thumbnail image

Robert Mugabe Jnr Biography|Age, Education, Career, Personal Life 

Robert Tinotenda Mugabe Jnr is the son of the late Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace Mugabe.


Robert Tinotenda Mugabe Jr was born on February 4th, 1992. (Aged 32, as of 2024)

His siblings include a sister named Bona Chikowore, a brother named Chatunga Bellarmine, and a stepbrother named Russell Goreraza.

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In 2014, there were calls from youths in Harare to include Robert Junior in the youth wing of the political party ZANU-PF.

These calls were made in an attempt to put an end to the factionalism within the party, which was allegedly being perpetuated by the camp led by the ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru.

However, these efforts were not successful.

It was reported that on March 23, 2022, Robert Junior attended a ZANU-PF rally held in Chitungwiza ahead of the by-elections scheduled for March 26.

Robert Mugabe Jnr Biography | Age, Education, Career, Personal Life 

image credit: Nehanda Radio

During the rally, he had the opportunity to meet with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his son, Emmerson Jr.


Robert Tinotenda Mugabe Jr attended St. Michael’s Presentation Primary School and Hartmann House Preparatory School before enrolling at Kutama Mission.

He later studied at St. George’s College and then at St. John’s College before studying for a degree in Architecture at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


Robert Jnr has had a passion for basketball from a young age, having started playing the sport while he was still attending Kutama Primary School.

His dream was to play college basketball in the United States and potentially join the NBA Draft, but due to political sanctions, he was unable to do so.

Despite this setback, Robert Junior continues to be interested in basketball and may pursue other opportunities related to the sport.

Mugabe Jr, at the age of 25, played for the Zimbabwe men’s national basketball team, after having been a member of the nation’s under-18 team.

Clothing Label

In December 2017, Robert Mugabe Jr and his brother Chatunga launched the xGx clothing label in Johannesburg.

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Malicious Damage To Property

In February 2023, Robert Mugabe Jr had a brush with the law after he was accused of causing $12,000 (£10,000) worth of damage to cars and other property belonging to his friend Sindiso Nkatazo, also aged 31.

The allegations against Robert Mugabe Jr relate to a party he attended in an upmarket area of the capital, Harare.

Despite the accusations, Mugabe Jr has maintained his innocence and denied any wrongdoing.

Robert Mugabe Jnr’s lawyer, Ashiel Mugiya, spoke to reporters outside court and stated that the charges against his client had not been dropped.

Instead, Mugiya explained that both parties were engaged in negotiating an out-of-court settlement.

Mugiya also added that if these negotiations fail, Mugabe Jr will be summoned back to court.

Robert Mugabe Jnr Biography | Age, Education, Career, Personal Life 

image credit: Gambakwe


Robert Mugabe Jnr Admitted At A Hospital In Singapore

A private hospital in Singapore is said to have admitted Robert Junior sometime in 2022.

The reason for his admission is believed to be a collapsed lung, but further information on the cause of the injury remains unclear.

Robert Junior’s right lung collapsed a few hours after he arrived in Singapore while he was alone.

He sought medical help when he experienced intense pain in his torso.

After discovering that Robert Junior had suffered a collapsed right lung, he was promptly admitted to an undisclosed private hospital in Singapore where doctors promptly scheduled a surgical procedure.

Thankfully, the operation appears to have been successful.

Personal Life

It was reported that model Hillary Makaya dated Robert Mugabe Jnr.

Even though, their relationship was well known, in 2022 the late former president Mugabe’s son denied being in a relationship with Hillary Makaya.

He claimed that he and Hillary never dated but were in a situationship.

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